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Globe Business Provides PH Enterprises Access to Android Zero-Touch Enrollment | Globe

Globe Business Provides PH Enterprises Access to Android Zero-Touch Enrollment

Philippine enterprises can now take advantage of a fast, simple, and secure deployment method for large-scale corporate-owned mobile devices as Globe Business becomes an official device reseller partner for Android zero-touch enrollment.

Android zero-touch enrollment is a software that allows companies to pre-configure settings so that mobile devices are up and running as soon as the employee receives the handset. It also provides end-to-end security for an organization as it allows IT departments to manage the applications, network, and data through the software portal.

“Globe Business is supporting a superior end-user experience for organizations through the adoption of zero-touch enrollment. This automated deployment method reduces the dependency on IT support and simplifies the delivery and activation process,” said Globe Senior Vice President Peter Maquera.

With zero-touch enrollment, Philippine companies can realize several benefits such as quickly deploying a fleet of Android devices at scale with enforced management and security, creating device configurations in the cloud and having them automatically pushed to devices during setup, and directly assigning devices to the organization for management.

Since the devices purchased can be added to an organization’s zero-touch enrollment account which makes them ready for configuration for their enterprise deployment, employees can just follow a few simple prompts and start using their device.

According to Maquera, workforce mobility is becoming a critical part of business as it is highly important for an organization to manage its mobile workforce and also secure devices and data. With the increased usage of smartphones around the world, millions of devices are being deployed by companies. Android zero-touch enrollment can bring ease in management of these concerns through an efficient and smooth manner.

Globe Business continues to redefine how businesses work—which goes beyond functions, numbers, and performance. It, likewise, enables its clients and partners to catapult their enterprises to success by providing the right technology, infrastructure, and know-how to create a positive impact and transform people’s lives.

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