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Globe Business Launches Its Own Network Virtualization Platform - Globe Newsroom

Globe Business Launches Its Own Network Virtualization Platform

Globe Telecom—through its enterprise arm Globe Business—made a historic mark as the first telco to launch network virtualization in the Philippines. Using the telecom company’s Network Function Virtualization Orchestrator (NFVO), businesses across the country can now set up their Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) requirements virtually, along with a symphony of cybersecurity and communications applications.

“Before NFVO came to fruition, companies were required to install multiple hardware to get their network running seamlessly. With the limitations caused by COVID-19 and the ever-rising demand for internet connectivity, it became apparent that virtualization would be the next step to revolutionize networks,” shared Peter Maquera, Senior Vice President for Globe Business. “NFVO provides businesses with stable, reliable, and scalable networks by replacing physical appliances, such as routers, firewalls, IP PBX systems, and load balancers, with virtual ones.”

These virtualized network functions include SD-WAN capabilities and Virtual Firewalls (vFW). SD-WAN allows businesses to use any existing connectivity and deploy their own virtual private network to any location. vFW, on the other hand, provides companies with the ability to grant or block traffic and protect private networks against threats.

NFVO makes it possible for businesses to connect to cloud resources; enhance and automate branch connectivity; manage and control incoming and outgoing network traffic; enable routing, firewall security, and virtual private network connectivity; and get subscription-based and cost-efficient business telephony services hosted in Globe data centers.

“Aside from the security, real-time network visibility, and control that NFVO gives, the platform also equips businesses with a competitive edge through speed and agility,” added Maquera. “A physical network setup usually takes more than a month. With Globe’s scalable solution, service-level agreements are cut down to mere hours, if they already have existing connectivity in place, leading to more cost savings and no interruptions to services, since everything’s virtual.”

Globe Business’ NFVO forms part of the telco’s plans to strengthen the triumvirate of digital transformation—connectivity, cybersecurity, and Cloud. Through a single network solution, Globe aims to empower enterprises to benefit from multiple virtualized features and functions provided by trusted global vendors. With it, businesses across industries can expand their operations and further contribute to the country’s economic recovery.

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