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Globe Business MSME Group Wins Big at International Asia Communication Awards - Globe Newsroom

Globe Business MSME Group Wins Big at International Asia Communication Awards

Best SME Service and Innovation

Globe Business’ MSME Group is on a mission to empower Filipino micro, small, and medium enterprises to keep them going and growing no matter what. Through their empowerment program, they continue to offer MSMEs a “leg up” to help them unlock more opportunities in the future.

Over the past year, Globe Business has put more emphasis on helping local entrepreneurs adjust and move past the effects of the pandemic while helping them anticipate and prepare for challenges that they may face in the short- and long term.

Testament to the success of Globe Business’ programs for MSMEs is two big wins at the very competitive Asia Communication Awards for Best SME Service and Innovation, both in the Operator Category.

Judges and participants agree that this was one of the toughest editions of the Asia Communication Awards. Launched annually by Total Telecom as a partner event to the World Communications Awards, the Asia Communication Awards recognizes the most effective and exciting communication programs across the global telecommunications market:

  1. Best SME Service (Operator)

    Clinching the “Best SME Service (Operator category)” Award in Asia for Globe Business was its Saludo SMEs Tuloy Tayo! Campaign which worked to position Globe Business as every MSME’s trusted partner in overcoming the hurdles of the pandemic through cutting edge digital innovation solutions and services.

    Stated the award: “In the home market of this category’s winner, Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises comprise 99.5% of business in the Philippines, giving the third annual installment of their campaign enormous scale and importance, especially in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.  This company has helped business owners to reap the rewards of digitalization demonstrating clear leadership.”

    With the battlecry Tuloy Tayo! the 2021 Saludo campaign communicated a hopeful message that even through the changing times, Globe Business commits to always be present to give business owners the boost and support they need to succeed.

    Highlights included online content designed to celebrate and inspire MSMEs and special initiatives for COOP Month, a Gift Local sub-campaign, and Saludo SMEs Digistore Live Selling to extend reach and engagement for MSMEs and their products.  #SaludoStories, a social promo encouraging more entrepreneurs to share their business’ digital transformation journey in evolving their brands, gave MSMEs a platform to celebrate their successes and win useful prizes for their home offices.  

  2. Innovation Award (Operator) 

    Winning the Innovation Award (Operator Category) for Globe Business was Solutions from Shawn, an animated Information Communications Technology (ICT) explainer video series that explains ICT solutions such as Application Programming Interface (API), Cloud Payroll, Cybersecurity, and Cloud solutions in the simplest and most straightforward way.

    ‘Shawn’ is a go-to coach who imparts reliable ICT tips, tools, and solu-SHAWNs (solutions) to help businesses transform their operations in the digital age. 

    “[Solutions from Shawn is] a very clever application of a virtual coach to help small businesses with low levels of ICT understanding find the right solution for their digital transformation journey.  Excellent testimonials reinforced the entry,” explains the award.

    After seeing and experiencing the challenges that most businesses faced as the business environment pivoted to digital back in April 2021, Globe Business developed “Solutions from Shawn,” to help MSMEs with the right solutions in their digital transformation journey. The video series focused on product features, benefits, and advantages, sample scenarios, and demonstrated how Globe Business is every business’ reliable and trusted solutions partner that equips them with the right technology to make their operations future-ready.

    “Solutions from Shawn” is the first Philippine Telco animated ICT explainer video series to be released in the Philippine market. Unlike the usual explainer videos, the series showcases real-life scenarios based on actual use cases of MSMEs. The video series has been well-received by Globe Business, customers, both internal (employees) and external (clients, partner organizations).  

Today’s Resilience is Tomorrow’s Possibilities

“Winning at the International Asia Communication Awards and continuously developing products and services that support MSME growth is a testament to Globe Business’ commitment in strengthening the small businesses ecosystem in the country and establishes its role as a partner of MSMEs in shaping their business’ path to progress,” says Stella Christine Dizon, Head of MSME Group, Globe Business. 

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