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Globe Business Receives PCI DSS Certification, Assures Enterprise Clients of Data Security | Newsroom | Globe

Globe Business Receives PCI DSS Certification, Assures Enterprise Clients of Data Security

PHOTO CAPTION: Globe Chief Technical Advisor Robert Tan (3rd from right) receives the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance certification version 3.2 for Globe Business from a representative of US-based Qualified Security Assessor Crimson Security, Inc.. Other Globe officials who witnessed the awarding are (from L-R): Enterprise Sales Vice President Dion Asencio, Globe Business Senior Advisor Mike Frausing, Customer Systems Director Harry Florendo, and Info Security Governance Manager Paul Dumindin.

Globe Business, the information and communications technology arm of Globe Telecom, recently received the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance certification version 3.2, which assures its enterprise clients of the company’s commitment to maintain confidentiality of all information that it stores, processes, and transmits.

PCI DSS was founded by top global credit card brands such as MasterCard, Visa, American Express, JCB International, and Discover Financial Services to reduce credit card fraud.  All companies that handle cardholder data need to be PCI DSS compliant as proof that their network is secure.  Compliance is validated annually by an external Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) such as the US-based Crimson Security, Inc., which conducted the assessment of Globe Business.

“We are happy to note that we were able to pass the stringent requirements to get this certificate.  It gives assurance to our customers that we did all we can to comply with the most stringent standards in protecting customer data. What is very clear in Globe is we take security very seriously. This shows the emphasis we have on security awareness among our customers and among our staff.  We take a lot of audits on our own to ensure that we are compliant internally before we do the external audit,” said Robert Tan, Globe Chief Technical Advisor.

Mike Frausing, Senior Advisor for Globe Business said: “The Data Privacy Act imposes very tough rules and severe penalties.  Thus, it is incumbent on us to actually educate both our clients and our employees on security awareness.  Fraud is increasing every day so we must have the right processes in place to allow data to traverse into our network securely.  We need to keep up with industry best practices to do service to ourselves and to our customers.”

Critical computer systems of private and government entities are often targeted by professional hackers who exploit vulnerabilities in the system by sending malicious codes to disrupt operations, expose confidential information, and steal money, among others.  This can, therefore, result in substantial financial loss and damage to reputation.

Realizing the huge risks that security breach may entail, Globe Business continuously develops ways to prevent its clients from becoming victims of the rising number of cybersecurity threats, especially those coming from abroad.

At present, Globe Business offers managed security solutions that allow enterprises to migrate security threats before they happen.  The solutions allow seamless communication between enterprises and their customers by keeping servers up and running with Distributed Denial of Service (DDos) protection, maintain efficiency of operations by stopping malicious traffic from reaching the network using managed firewall, and provide comprehensive protection against emerging and current threats at the network and application level before they inflict any damage through Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDP).

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