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Globe Business takes over industry-based ICT solutions | Newsroom | Globe

Globe Business Takes Over Industry-Based ICT Solutions

Developed for Enterprise businesses to accelerate data adoption.

"With our solutions and partnerships, we are safeguarding our enterprise clientele so that their digital journey is seamless and free from threats as much as possible."

Worldwide spending of enterprises on information and communications technology (ICT)-based business software and applications grew 7.5 percent to reach $149.9 billion in 2015, with a projected increase to more than $201 billion in 2019, according to the latest forecast from Gartner, Inc. Analysts, a leading information technology research and advisory company. In addition, investing heavily on digital transformation will yield growth in terms of revenue and operational efficiency as well minimizing risks and threats. 

With the growing trend for enterprises to go fully digital and as part of its commitment to enable a digital nation, Globe Business is accelerating the adoption of data and digital services across Philippine enterprises with its industry-focused solutions, leveraging on the latest ICT capabilities and innovations that will drive global competitiveness. 

“Globe Business is ushering in uninterrupted business by enabling our enterprise clientele to do more of what they were meant for. Being as passionate as they are with their industry, Globe Business supports them with the right technology, infrastructure and the know-how to become the best in their field,” says Mike Frausing, Senior Advisor for Enterprise and IT-Enabled Services Group at Globe. “One of the key components of building a digital nation is building a digital enterprise, and our goal at Globe Business is to leverage on digital capabilities to change the way enterprises operate to achieve greater business success.” 

Companies in the retail industry, for instance, can benefit from managed security services, mobility solutions, and connectivity solutions that Globe Business offers. Through managed security services, customers who shop online are protected from identity thefts, fraudulent activities, and malicious transactions from cybercriminals. 

The IT-BPO industry is also an important sector that can maximize ICT to its fullest potential to boost work efficiencies and employee productivity. Globe Business offers BPOs solutions such as Canvas, which converts paper-based processes to dynamic, feature-rich mobile apps, Globe Work Ready Seats, as well as Media Storage facilities help BPOs secure large files for their customers. 

Globe Business is also strengthening its focus on the education industry to provide schools with innovative and interactive learning tools to give students and teachers access to 21st century learning powered by cutting-edge technology to broaden the minds of today’s knowledge-seekers. Solutions featured include the Learning Management System for personalized, adaptive, and monitored learning to address student engagement in school, the Virtual Private Cloud for cost-efficient IT equipment for new applications for teachers and school staff, and the School Management System to give the workforce access to consolidated learning resources and tools for better and faster school management decisions. 

Finally, the logistics industry can leverage on ICT to boost operations for companies using solutions such as M2M Fleet Management allowing companies to better track and manage fleet requirements of logistics companies to improve productivity. Enterprises can also avail of managed connectivity services for a reliable and quick solution to connect their branches, as well as Canvas to save time and resources from physical processing of forms and other documents, thereby improving efficiencies in the workplace.  

Simultaneous to its renewed focus to better address business painpoints of its industry verticals with its portfolio of ICT solutions, Globe Business has also strengthened its capabilities in enabling enterprises to combat risks and threats such as cybercrimes in light of the recent money laundering issues faced by financial institutions such as banks. “With our solutions and partnerships, we are safeguarding our enterprise clientele so that their digital journey is seamless and free from threats as much as possible,” adds Frausing. 

This is apparent in the memorandum of agreement recently signed by Globe Business with Singtel to strengthen its information security capabilities and expand its managed security services portfolio.  Singtel has recently acquired Trustwave leveraging on its cyber security assets and capabilities, which include five (5) global security operations centers located in Chicago, Denver, Minneapolis, Manila and Warsaw, the world-renowned Trustwave SpiderLabs® ethical hacking and threat research team, and the unified, cloud-based TrustKeeper® portal which is used to deliver Trustwave security and compliance services globally. 

To know more how Globe Business can empower your organization’s passions with industry-renowned ICT products and solutions, visit or contact a Globe Business Account Manager.

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