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Globe Business and Third Pillar Elevates TechGlobal Data Center’s Customer Service - Globe Newsroom

Globe Business, Third Pillar Tie Up to Elevate TechGlobal Data Center’s Customer Service

Globe Telecom has teamed up with its business applications and consulting arm, Third Pillar, to fuel TechGlobal Data Center, Inc.'s transformation as it continues to grow as one of the country's largest and most secure data centers.

Faced with rapidly changing customer demands brought about by the shifting digital landscape and massive migration of businesses to digital channels, TechGlobal looked to Third Pillar and Globe Business to help implement Salesforce to be able to give businesses the right support to keep pace with their customers.

Salesforce is a customer relationship management (CRM) solution that automates business processes, building a complete customer 360-degree view—allowing companies to scale and support all of their customers as they hit periods of tremendous growth. 

"The pandemic caused an uptick in digital services that require the support of data centers, like TechGlobal. With the rise in demand, the company needed to reinforce its goal of becoming a reliable partner for businesses by enlisting the help of Globe Business and Third Pillar to transform our customer service," said TechGlobal President, Rene Nuñez.

From manual tracking of their service tickets to the management of customer databases, TechGlobal made a total shift to automating and capturing customer concerns from any channel with the help of Salesforce. The need for automation was imperative to allow the company to keep up with the onslaught of customer service tickets driven by high pandemic demand. 

"Together, the expertise Third Pillar and Globe provided TechGlobal allowed us to transform the entire customer experience by empowering the company to automate its customer support and deepen their relationships with its clients," said Jennie Serra-Ligones, President and CEO of Third Pillar. 

Salesforce Service Cloud Drives Exceptional Customer Experience through Personalized Interactions.

The Service Cloud reimagines customer engagement by allowing users to provide a more personalized and connected service anytime from anywhere on a single platform. 

It enables the automation of service processes and a holistic view of customers with its tracking and monitoring components that generate real-time reports. These features cut short the time it takes for companies to settle customer issues and prevent duplication in communication, creating more personalized and caring interactions with their clients. 

The platform also provides users quick access to relevant information that allows them to resolve customer service issues promptly, and to instantly find out whether customers are eligible for support and match them with the appropriate level of service.

For airlines, for instance, the solution helps reduce disgruntled travelers as it increases customer response time, and allows companies to track and monitor customer sentiments and manage them promptly. Through the Service Cloud, banks can also introduce self-service and automation for common processes like reporting a lost card or placing travel notifications on credit cards.

"Through our partnership with Globe Business and Third Pillar, we can leverage Salesforce to capture customer concerns from different directions, act on them, and produce meaningful reports," added Nunez.

Sales Cloud Spurs Business Growth through Seamless Integration.

TechGlobal’s adoption of Salesforce Sales Cloud—a cloud-based application that integrates customer information and daily sales tasks to help sales representatives sell faster and smarter—has also enabled its sales team to manage their leads and opportunities, collaborate better, and score new opportunities even at the comfort of their homes.

"As the largest Salesforce Gold Partner in the Philippines with successful implementations in over 120 companies across 6 industries, Third Pillar has been a beacon in helping businesses adapt essential digital solutions. Together with Globe Business, our goal is to go beyond connectivity and cloud infrastructure to optimize operations and concurrently uplift the lives of customers and stakeholders," said Peter Maquera, Senior Vice President for Globe Business, Enterprise Group.

To know more about Salesforce and help your business gain a deeper understanding of your customers, collaborate now with Globe Business and Third Pillar by visiting our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) page or getting in touch with your Globe Business Enterprise Account Manager. 

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