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Globe Business Wraps up “Biz Is It! Supply Chain” Digital Kwentuhan - Globe Newsroom

Brighter Future for MSMEs Seen as Globe Business Wraps up “Biz Is It! Supply Chain” Digital Kwentuhan

As the country looks forward to a full reopening of the economy, several micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) are now looking forward to the future with more zeal and confidence.

This hopeful approach to the future comes after these MSMEs took part in Globe Business’ “Biz Is It! Supply Chain Stories for Future Success”, a three-part digital kwentuhan designed to educate MSMEs on the importance of digital information and communications technology (ICT) for the success of their enterprises. Here, various experts from the supply chain industry shared insights, information, personal and business experiences as well as taught more than 300 participants the value of digital solutions for their future advancement and effectiveness of having optimized brand operations.

The highly successful digital series began with the retail leg, Retell Your Retail: The Digital Move, wherein real world challenges were tackled and how ICT and digital solutions are invaluable in facilitating business operations. Speakers at the forum included Globe Business Supply Chain Head Michiko Mecate-Castaneda, as well as top honchos from Zalora, Ninja Van, and Lazada Philippines. On the second installment dubbed Rerouting your Biz with Digital Logistics, the webinar featured industry experts from the logistics industry such Ninja Van Philippines and Mober, as well as fashion and design company Rags2Riches, who attested to how digital logistics solves several pain points of a business owner like manpower, vehicle tracking, and capacity. The series wrapped up with Shifting Gears: Your Digital Manual in Manufacturing with chain industry entrepreneurs from 917 Ventures, 1Export, Renegade Folk, and Potato Corner delving into the importance of tech know–how in a machine-based business. To view snippets of the digital kwentuhan, you may head on to this link.

Apart from the digital events, Globe Business also opened an Ambassador Program to further support MSMEs like Carmen’s Best, Mober, Spruce and more. As Globe Business Ambassadors, these enterprises receive much-needed exposure through Globe’s website, digital online campaigns, billboards, radio, and print campaigns. Additionally, Globe Business is giving MSMEs perks from Ninjavan, giving away discounts for provincial package, 1 Export, providing mentor support, and Zalora, who will waive their fees and commission rates, all for MSMEs to enjoy so they can take their businesses a further step forward in terms of logistics, export markets, and account support.

Globe Business believes that by providing them with best value made-for-business solutions, exclusive perks, knowledge support, and education on the value of digitization, MSMEs will be empowered to help not only themselves–but contribute to the country’s economic recovery. For MSMEs wanting to schedule a one-on-one consultation with Globe representatives on how to digitize their services and find the path towards success, you may visit

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