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Globe Empowers Mompreneurs Facing Challenges Brought by COVID-19 Crisis

As community quarantine measures continue to loom over Luzon and select areas, many mompreneurs are faced with anxiety as they look for ways to take care of their family and their business. Globe myBusiness showed its support for these hardworking moms with Invite Calm: How Mompreneurs can Find Peace and Clarity in Time of Quarantine, a special Mother's Day webinar held last May 8, that taught them to find peace and clarity amid the pandemic.

The webinar, hosted by Sonjia Calit, aimed to help women heal and transform their lives through seminars, workshops, and coaching sessions. She was joined by femmepreneur and women transformologistⓇ Rezza Custodio-Soriano who facilitated the discussion.

The online discussion touched on the female psyche - from managing stress to overcoming challenges during a pandemic, and was attended by over 100 women looking to get some time off and learn how to invite calm during such trying times.

Understanding “power paradox” and the female mental process

At the start of the webinar, Custodio-Soriano asked attendees to answer a poll on their emotions during the ECQ. An overwhelming amount of responses expressed feelings of fear, worry, anxiety, and fatigue.

According to Custodio-Soriano, the root of these intense negative emotions is commonly one of the following three things: “I’m not enough,” “I’m invisible,” or “I’m alone.”

“These are false identities. They may have been formed in your heart and mind because of things that happened in the past. Some of them might have been passed on to you,” she explained.

However, because of the pressures that are put on women as leaders and entrepreneurs, some of them are experiencing “power paradox,” or the feeling that life is not as good as it could be. It ties to a concept called Unsung Song Syndrome (USS), where people experience the fear of leaving the world without knowing the kind of love and fulfillment they hope for.

“This USS affects even the brightest, smartest, most gifted, and gorgeous women. On the outside, they look accomplished and strong but on the inside, they're feeling this void that says there is something missing in their lives,” shared the coach.

Confronting and acknowledging negative emotions

Custodio-Soriano then advised the attendees to write down what they are afraid of. By seeing what they are anxious about in front of them, they are better able to assess how they can overcome it. It all begins with maintaining a personal journal as a tool to identify these emotions, and the next steps to address them. Custodio-Soriano further suggested to ask key questions to help break the spiraling of negative thoughts.

“Where would you rather focus on?,” she asked. “Your fear and anxiety, or the possibilities and the creative ways on how to restart your business and rekindle your relationship with your family?"

Ultimately, the path towards breaking out of this pattern lies on individual decision-making and commitment of women. Custodio-Soriano concluded “It starts with a decision to change the way you are running your life. How committed are you to breaking it once and for all?.... We are all co-creators of our life. We are able to make decisions.”

Invite Calm is part of Globe’s commitment to being a reliable and trusted partner of entrepreneurs and SMEs in the country. For more information on this webinar and other efforts by Globe myBusiness in the fight against COVID-19, visit

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