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Globe Highlights Power of Voice Solutions in Digital Transformation Conference | Newsroom | Globe

Globe Highlights Power of Voice Solutions in Digital Transformation Conference

PHOTO CAPTION: A DV8 Conference participant explores the different mobile solutions provided by Globe Digital Ventures.

Globe Telecom, through its in-house digital enabler, Digital Ventures, highlighted the importance of voice solutions in improving profitability and increasing business efficiency during a one-day conference on digital transformation attended by executives and key decision-makers from the Information Technology-Business Process Outsourcing (IT-BPO), logistics, e-commerce, and retail industries.

The exclusive event billed as “DV8: A Globe Digital Conference” was aimed at creating conversation and awareness among key stakeholders in various industries that would benefit from transforming their key operations by employing cutting-edge technology, such as the use of voice solutions like “IVES” or Interactive Voice Engagement Solution.

IVES is an automated call-out system that helps businesses improve their profitability and boost their efficiency by delivering their messages to their target clients. Using IVES will help businesses reduce manpower costs because they no longer need to employ additional people just to make these types of calls to their customers.

Glenn Estrella, Senior Vice President at Globe Digital Ventures, said: “We want telecommunications to work for our business clients through a wide range of cost-efficient voice solutions. We want to help them create a richer experience for their customers and at the same time provide them with solutions to address various pain points.”

Through IVES, businesses can schedule individual or bulk call-outs to their target recipients. The automated system also enables businesses to create their own content for voice messages as well as check the status of their campaigns by monitoring call statistics and responses.

Among the many ways that businesses can employ IVES include informing their customers about their latest promotions and offerings; reminding them of their due dates, pending transactions and other account-related actions; and sending announcements and other important information.

Digital Ventures is Globe Telecom’s in-house digital enabler, which creates relevant solutions to help businesses shift towards digitalization smoothly and in a cost-effective manner.

Visit IVES website for more information.

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