Globe Innovation Forum: Transforming for Greater Business

Globe Business, the corporate information and communications technology (ICT) arm of Globe Telecom, is once again gathering the country’s top business and enterprise leaders for a day of insightful learning, discussion, and sharing of best practices on how innovation and disruption can help sustain a corporation’s competitiveness and relevance in the digital age.

This year, a new format of the Enterprise Innovation Forum (EIF) brings together local and international thought leaders and speakers to instill one important thing - Purpose. Asking businesses the why question: Why are you in business?

For Globe, a business should remain strong and solid in the face of continuous changing in trends and technologies. At the EIF, brilliant minds will add acute business sense to creating deeper bonds between business and customers.

The 7th EIF will be held at Halls 1 and 2 of the SMX Convention Center on October 18, 2016. The keynote speaker will be guesting Heath Slawner, a renowned strategic communication and leadership expert, who shares his insights with individuals and teams of leading organizations around the world. In addition, leadership experts such as Jay Jaboneta, Matec Villanueva, Jonathan Yabut and Francis Kong will be featured speakers at the event as well.

“At Globe, we believe that business can create more value if you also think about nation building. It is crucial that we aspire to help Philippine businesses discover their purpose as it helps them achieve more than hitting their metrics and goals. We go beyond the four corners of our offices and we look at how we can contribute to the nation as a whole,” said Mike Frausing, Globe Senior Advisor for Enterprise and IT-Enabled Services Group.

Globe Business holds the annual EIF for leaders and corporations to participate in an insightful learning session and share of best practices that maximize innovation to stay ahead of competition and become role models in their respective industries.

Previous EIF engagements were headlined by globally renowned speakers that include MIT Leadership Center Executive Director Hal Gregersen, former Apple chief evangelist and best-selling author Guy Kawasaki, globally recognized expert on innovation leadership Prof. Luke Williams, and a distinguished authority on customer-focused relationship management strategy Martha Rogers.

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