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Globe myBusiness with AFFI to Promote Franchising | Newsroom | Globe

Globe myBusiness Joins Hands with AFFI to Promote Franchising Among Filipino Employees

PHOTO CAPTION: AFFI President Jorge Wieneke speaks before potential business owners

In an effort to promote entrepreneurship in the Philippines, Globe myBusiness has joined hands with the Association of Filipino Franchisers, Inc. (AFFI) in bringing franchising opportunities to employees who desire to become business owners.

Franchising is a growing trend in the Philippines, thus, Globe myBusiness is upbeat on the numerous opportunities that the franchising industry brings.

Cleo Santos, Globe myBusiness sales head, pointed out that franchising is especially beneficial to those who need independence and flexibility such as company employees who are often stuck in the typical 8 am to 5 pm job. It is also a good start for those without any business experience since trainings and support are provided by the franchisor. Likewise, franchisees could bank on an established product and do not have to engage in advertising to promote the brand.

Globe myBusiness also sees franchising as a means to provide employment and increase the rate of job opportunities.

“As the trusted advisor and partner of MSMEs, we want to inspire and educate our entrepreneurs, especially those who are venturing into their initial foray in business, on the potential and promise of franchising. Franchisees can be assured that they can rely on Globe myBusiness on the technology front while at the same time, AFFI can provide them with the skills and business know-how in order to address any challenge that they may face,” said Santos.

Guest franchise operators guides interested employees on how to become a franchise owner

Guest franchise operators guides interested employees on how to become a franchise owner

Starting at its home turf, Globe myBusiness and AFFI conducted a one-day franchising seminar and exhibition called “Be Wise, Franchise!” for over 7,000 employees of Globe which was participated in by 26 franchising brands such as Aquabest | LaundryBest, Ate Rica's Bacsilog, Big Apple Express Spa, Cold Layers Cafe, Ecosteam, El Bonito's Pizza, G-Spot Burger Bar, Galileo, iFranchise, Kerrimo, Lucky Lulu, Maxi Mango, Mr. Softy Ice Cream, Nitro 7, Over Mango, Pomodoro Pizza, Ritea, Shanghai Siomai, Suds Laundry, Takeaway Sisig, Tokyo Tempura, Trueblends, Ahead, Adobo Connection, Zen Zest, Cyclehouse, and EC Gas.

AFFI President and Tokyo Tempura Founder Jorge Wieneke was joined by JC Martinez of EC Gas

Michelle Velasquez of Maxi Mango, and Victor Fernando of Big Apple Express Spa in sharing tips and experiences to the employees to guide them in their franchising decisions.

The event is part of Globe myBusiness Saludo SMEs campaign which recognizes the important role that small and medium-sized enterprises play in nation-building.

As the SME arm of Globe, it is the goal of Globe myBusiness to help every enterprise reach its full potential through industry-specific tips, lessons from experts in the field, and business solutions tailored to answer every business owner's needs. The brand launch events all over the country via Globe myBusiness Academy to offer business solutions and workshops, and work with experienced entrepreneurs to inspire newer business owners in honing their craft and making the most out of digital technology. Learn more about Globe myBusiness by visiting myBusiness Academy.

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