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Globe myBusiness Holds Modern Tao Ke Exclusive: Taking the Lead in 2021 for Their Loyal Clients

The global pandemic has brought various economic challenges for the business sector.  Entrepreneurs have been adapting to change to not only survive but thrive. For most companies, digitization was one of the most vital solutions.  However, transitioning to the digital world hasn’t been an easy process for most.

This 2021, Globe myBusiness provides their loyal clients opportunities to learn how to start and scale their digital transformation, to future-proof their business.

Globe myBusiness partnered with CHiNOY TV to provide one-on-one business mentorships online, through Modern Tao Ke Exclusive: Taking the Lead in 2021. By bringing together a roster of acclaimed entrepreneurs in the Philippines to coach small and medium-sized business owners, this event helped Globe myBusiness clients lead the digitalization of their respective organizations.

The mentors are successful entrepreneurs of well-known local brands, such as Francis Glenn Yu, President and CEO of Seaoil Philippines; Michelle Tiu Lim Chan, Chief Operating Officer of Mega Global Corporation; Dr. Cecilio Pedro, the President and CEO of Lamoiyan Corp; Kathleen Dy-Go, the Managing Director of Universal Records; Myrna Yao, President and CEO of Richprime Global Inc.; Enrico “Rikki” Dee, the Founder of Foodee Global Concepts; Royce Gerik Chua, the General Manager of Eng Bee Tin; Michelle Lim Gankee, the Executive Vice President of Sterling Group of Companies; and Johnlu Koa, the Founder of The French Baker, Lartizan, and Van Laack.

In addition, Globe myBusiness held a special Chinese New Year Raffle for their clients so they could get the chance to win P1,000 Ang Pao GCash credits by simply downloading the GlobeOne app and signing up for the raffle. GlobeOne enables Globe myBusiness mobile subscribers to easily manage their accounts, such as viewing, downloading, and paying bills; checking the amount to pay and due date; and viewing their data usage.

Globe myBusiness also partnered with Ayala Enterprise Circle (AEC) to bring an exclusive offer for loyal clients who signed up to AEC to promote health and wellness to their employees. They can enjoy a 10% discount on their generic medicine purchases at participating Generika Drugstore branches nationwide.

Business industry trends during the pandemic

“We always believed na staying focused in the business would really take you to the next level,” said Rikki Dee, Founder of Foodee Global Concepts. “This pandemic is a wake-up call for us.”

Learning from his father’s example and experience in business, Gerik Chua, General Manager of Eng Bee Tin, stressed the importance of innovation, applying it to the current state of businesses during the pandemic, sharing, “Sabi ng father ko, 'In regard to our business, we have to be innovative.' So yung ginawa niya, we’re the first one who came up with the first modern flavor of Hopia Ube, dun kami nakilala. During that time, hindi pa gaanong ka-adventurous yung mga tao, so even if people were pessimistic about our product, my father pushed through with creating something new in the market. Eventually, it stood out from the rest of the hopia being sold that it gained success in the long run all because it was new and different.”

Advantages of digitalization

“There’s only one constant in business and that’s change,” said Kathleen Dy-Go, the Managing Director of Universal Records. “And to thrive, we need to anticipate and adapt to this evolving digital world.”

The mentors discussed the importance of digital innovation and its advantages, as well as strategies that the clients themselves could implement in their own businesses.

“What helped us the most is digitalization,” shared Michelle Chan. “Since we are already connected with our Zamboanga sites even before COVID, we have been used to video conferencing. Our digitalization plan is quite good. We have our own digital team. As early as 2015, we have been setting up our platforms for digital and it helped us a lot amidst the pandemic.”

Upon being asked by a client what his company did to survive this crisis, Johnlu Koa, the Founder of The French Baker, Lartizan, and Van Laack, said, “Everybody talked about the pivot. But it simply means that of all the things that you could do, what was that one thing you chose to do that you could do best. What we did was to focus on existing business, we never went out of our core competency. 

“It was more of how we could deliver, is it still brick and mortar, or is it going to be digitally managed through a website, an app, or a selling platform. We opted for a selling platform. It’s just to keep alive that idea for our customers, that if you’re afraid to come to the mall, we are not afraid to bring it to you.”

Insightful business advice

Inspired by their own experiences of adapting to the ever-evolving market and years in the business industry, the mentors were able to impart helpful advice for each client, motivating them to carry on regardless of pandemic challenges.

“For me, personally, I’ve gone through several cycles, the Asian Financial Crisis in 1997, then the global financial crisis of 2008, and the pandemic in 2020,” shared Francis Glenn Yu, President, and CEO of Seaoil Philippines. “In each instance, we’ve gone through it and we’ve grown significantly, despite those crises, and I think now that it’s because of those crises, the lessons that we learned from those times have actually helped the company continue to grow.”

“I always believed that any kind of downtrend or downslide, there’s always an opportunity, and many times in my own experience, I was able to grow when there is a downside in the economy,” said Myrna Yao, President, and CEO of Richprime Global Inc. “I never gave up. So you always have to look at those opportunities because you can take advantage of it. While others are sleeping and waiting, and you are running and working.”

Globe myBusiness’ impact to their loyal clients

Clients who participated in the business consultation with renowned entrepreneurs received helpful insights and practical tips from our Modern Tao Kes. Gracielle Bassig of Jopers Enterprises shared, “I like to attend this business consultation because I want to see opportunities despite the challenges of the pandemic.”

Lorna Lacsa of Lacsa of Caballero-Lacsa and Co. CPAs has been advised by Michelle Gankee to explore other industries when she encountered problems during the COVID-19 crisis when the tourism industry was badly affected and that she didn’t want to let go of her highly valued employees by downsizing her company.

Globe myBusiness continues to empower Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises to help them bounce back better and thrive in the new normal, offering Digital Solutions and network designs to help build their business better and stronger. Today, Globe myBusiness continues to be their partner to help them reinvent their success. 

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