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Globe myBusiness Revolutionizes Philippine eCommerce with the Right Tools of the Trade | Newsroom | Globe

Globe myBusiness Revolutionizes Philippine eCommerce with the Right Tools of the Trade

In an economy where micro, small, and medium enterprises comprise 99.6% of all registered business, navigating through commerce in the Philippines can prove to be a hefty lot. Much of it is headlined by the humble sari-sari store, where anyone can purchase every good imaginable at his cost and convenience. But right at the cusp of the information age, even our mom and pop shops would have to learn to grow to sustain their economic presence and performance.

This was what Globe myBusiness championed at this year’s eCommerce Show Philippines 2016, a gathering of the country’s leading technology enablers that aim to revolutionize retail, to a ripe marketplace of over 100 million potential consumers, by offering the right tools in the increasingly changing rules of today’s trade.

“It is Globe myBusiness’ mission to help every business owner achieve success,” offered myBusiness Head Derrick Heng. By introducing innovative business solutions that would place retail conveniences at the palm of today’s most enterprising individuals and companies, Globe myBusiness aims to be the partner in bringing the needed technological boost to one’s business.

One shining example of exciting mobile business solutions powered by Globe myBusiness is Shopify, the leading international eCommerce platform utilized by over 300,000 merchants around the world. With its first break in the Philippine market through Globe myBusiness, it aims to make room for more by enabling small and medium Filipino businesses to effortlessly launch a dependable and efficient commercial presence—with thoughtful display interface and easy-to-use point-of-sale access—in the infinite world of e-commerce.

Globe myBusiness extends Shopify’s enterprising efficiency by offering low monthly rates and 0% transaction fees for new sign-ups, opening a whole world of business possibilities in the greater worldwide web. For only P599 monthly for a Basic Shopify account, P2,499 monthly for a Regular Shopify account, and P4,999 monthly for an Advanced Shopify account, Globe myBusiness’ Shopify Plan offers flexible commercial connectivity to match your scale of business while giving you access to billions of consumers worldwide.

“Retail is a very competitive industry. This is why we provide relevant & timely industry information to all our partners so that you can adapt and serve your customers better. Your success is our business,” Heng guaranteed, addressing hundreds of eager attendees at this year’s eCommerce Show Philippines.

So get ahead of the market curve and let new technology work for your business with a network that has your best business interest in mind. Armed with the proper tools, the right data at the right time, and an infinite venue for commercial possibilities, Globe myBusiness Plan opens your micro, small, or medium businesses into even bigger and brighter possibilities.

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