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How Globe myBusiness is making SMEs more marketable | Newsroom | Globe

How Globe myBusiness is making SMEs more marketable

Every SME is always on the lookout for the most effective, efficient and smartest way to market their own brand. May it be through passive or aggressive marketing, these companies are seeking the best medium to excite its consumers and eventually turning them into loyal customers.

Businesses nowadays need the proper tool or platform to market their products or services. In the Philippines, the online platform has already taken over the marketing industry by storm. It has now captured various netizens, demographics and is even geographic that it is able to reach out to the target audience depending on your business’ needs.

Globe myBusiness finally introduces its managed digital advertising service, DigiAds. It aims to handhold entrepreneurs on the appropriate online content and platform to maximize its returns. DigiAds is an avenue for SMEs to be able to take control over its marketing direction.

“We know the birthing pains of every startup company and we understand their needs to boost their business. Given this, we have created an exclusive digital advertising solution for our customers to maximize their returns. We continue to go beyond just offering the products. We ensure that we are with our customers every step of the way, providing actual consultations so that they learn how to use their chosen business solutions right.” said Globe myBusiness Vice President Barbie Dapul. 

Through DigiAds, business owners will be able to consult on appropriate content and platforms for their specific requirements including guidance on the overall digital campaign execution and reporting to measure the performance. With a minimum campaign or subscription period of three (3) months, Globe myBusiness customers can avail of packages starting at P4,500/month.

DigiAds’ advertising platforms include Facebook, Instagram, and Google Search. These platforms can be mixed and match depending on the customer’s budget and preference.

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