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Globe Enlightens Entrepreneurs in HR & Crisis Management Webinar - Globe Newsroom

Globe myBusiness Enlightens Entrepreneurs in HR and Crisis Management Webinar

Last November 21, Globe myBusiness in partnership with the Metro Naga Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MNCCI) hosted its webinar entitled When Disaster Strikes: How HR can Prepare Your Workforce for Crisis. This webinar is part of MNCCI’s Business Consultation Caravan series, featuring industry experts in online seminars and lectures,  as well as Globe myBusiness’ aim to educate and inspire business owners throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

Globe myBusiness, the country’s leading partner for micro, small and medium businesses, goes beyond offering telecommunication services. It also provides other digital solutions and quintessential know-how to SMEs in a number of industries all over the country. Globe myBusiness makes it their mission to handhold and support entrepreneurs through every stage of their business journey.


For the webinar, Globe invited established speakers such as serial entrepreneur and Businessmaker Academy chairman Mark So, Globe Telecom Employee Experience Manager Mark Dimaisip, and Globe Telecom Business Development Manager Tim Genato. Moderated by JV Belmonte, the seminar was both informative and relevant to these extraordinary times.  

The Philippines regularly goes through a number of natural or manmade crises in a year, but no year has made such an impact as 2020. The country has been and still is going through the COVID pandemic and an economic struggle, but our situation was only made worse by three typhoons that hit the country as of late. In times like these, it’s very easy for business owners to lose what they’ve worked so hard on一which is exactly why seminars like this one, focused specifically on preparing for crises and supporting employees, are so important.


The webinar began by getting a feel of what the business owners in the audience needed with regard to HR concerns and crisis management. Mark So took the virtual stage to discuss the impact of the COVID pandemic and the three recent typhoons on HR and Business. From an overview of the statistics highlighting the plight of Filipino businesses today, he moved on to discuss the 5 R’s of business pivots一that is, resolution, resilience, return, reimagination, and reform. Then he focused on COVID’s impact on HR trends, and discussed how businesses are evolving to survive in the new normal. 

Mark Dimaisip from Globe discussed employee experience in the time of COVID. He segmented his discussion into three major steps一empathizing with employees, digitizing to fit the new normal, and positivizing the employee experience. He began by suggesting the employee journey technique Globe uses (listening and responding to employees), then moved on to discuss various ways Globe has digitized their operations, and ended by instilling hope and security at a time when both these feelings can be hard to find.


The third and final speaker Tim Genato, spoke about the various tools available for business owners to apply all that they had learned throughout the talk. These tools included digital solutions offered by Globe myBusiness, complementing the techniques earlier shared by Dimaisip. If you’re interested in these business solutions yourself, feel free to check them out on Globe myBusiness’ website.

All in all, the seminar was just what business owners needed: equipping entrepreneurs in Naga and all over the country with the right information, solutions, and tools for positive HR and crisis management. More than just offering products and services, it enlightened and showed business owners that no matter what crisis comes their way, they can be resilient and prepared. Most importantly, it highlighted the importance of caring for employees and each other.

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