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Keralty Clinics Serves More Patients Safely and Efficiently - Globe Newsroom

Keralty Clinics Serves More Patients Safely and Efficiently through Digital Tech

Globe Business helps Keralty Clinics find solutions in the midst of a pandemic, so they can focus on serving their patients best

Staying healthy becomes a real priority for everyone as we claw against COVID-19 and its socio-economic repercussions. As medical frontliners defend our forts within the walls of hospitals and clinics, safeguarding patients’ and medical workers’ healths through social distancing is key to meet today’s demands and needs. This is why many clinics nationwide expanded to teleconsultation and home service. Among them is the Keralty Group, a trusted healthcare provider since 1954 that began in Spain and expanded to Latin America, United States, and Asia—starting with the Philippines in 2016. Their nine strategically located facilities like Megaclinic (Mandaluyong), TopHealth (Manila), and MetroSanitas Festival (Muntinlupa) have one goal: provide world-class Multi-Specialty, Ambulatory Surgical clinics in the country. 

The Global Health Shock 

When the virus started to wreak havoc and we knew little about how it was transmitted, the biggest challenge was "ensuring patient and staff safety, so we made sure proper infection control is implemented," according to Keralty Clinics Philippines' Business Development Director Philip Neri Estocada. Walk-in services started picking up post ECQ, but even more so for their online and telemed services that they supplemented their operations with technology and reliable connectivity.  

Keeping Online Healthcare Safe and Efficient Thru Technology

As a healthcare facility, patient records had to be accessible but confidential. For that, Keralty relies on Globe Business, their “partner in innovation,” says Estocada.

With Globe Business’ Direct Internet, Keralty clinics experience a dedicated bandwidth with equal speeds for file uploads and downloads. There will be no more long waits for retrieving files or routing paperwork. Patients and doctors have more time to talk, the former feeling more cared for, and the latter happy to have served better, both secured without sacrificing their health. 

Google Workspace also enables Keralty to update and see files on the go. Teleconsultations can run seamlessly over Google Meet, vital health indicators quickly recorded in Google Sheets, then securely filed in Google Drive. Simple yet substantial, these solutions empower practitioners to serve more Filipinos with equal professional care as in-clinic.

Keralty Group will keep expanding, especially in underserved areas in the Philippines. Globe Business will be by its side, continually developing cell sites and digital solutions. Stay up to date with Globe Business here

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