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New Seamless Communications Solution for Evolving Workplace - Globe Newsroom

Globe Business Introduces New Seamless Communications Solution for Evolving Workplace

In today’s digital age when enterprises have realized the value of and are maximizing hybrid work environments, one factor constantly remains key to success: communication. Without a seamless platform for bridging connections among and between the workforce and customers, enterprises might miss out on opportunities to scale their operations and remain competitive.

Service-related industries, conglomerates, business process outsourcing (BPO) companies, and even government institutions, particularly, consider their hotlines as critical touch points that allow them to correspond with customers and deliver to them the products and services that they need. Telephone systems are also important for these industries to foster strong collaboration. While many already have such systems in place, the challenge is creating a multichannel approach, since consumers expect their brands to be reachable anytime, anywhere.

“Communication is better achieved with optimized systems,” explained Raymond Policarpio, Vice President for Product Management and Marketing at Globe Business, Enterprise Group. “Overcoming gaps in communicating with customers and within organizations requires that you use a secure, scalable, cost-efficient, and flexible solution.”

Strongly meeting all those criteria is Globe Unified Cloud Communications as a Service (UCCaaS), an all-in-one communication solution that integrates voice calls, instant messaging, and video conferencing into a single, full-featured platform. Designed to provide enterprises with flexible collaboration tools that allow them to work anywhere, Globe UCCaaS can be used on a desk phone, smartphone, or computer.

Here’s how it works: UCCaaS accepts incoming calls from your customers through an automated attendant, which then routes the calls to a location-agnostic channel, depending on what suits the conversation–phone, desktop/mobile app, or other voice apps or communication software such as MS Teams. The same channels can also be used for outgoing calls to customers.

Through UCCaaS, enterprises also get to enjoy other basic functions such as call waiting, call hunting, caller ID control, three-way conference calls, and call forwarding.

Most importantly, companies with an existing similar service can expect to make a seamless switch to Globe UCCaaS, since it is user-friendly, cost-efficient, and easy to deploy, requiring just a week to set up. 

“Both employees and customers are now adapting to hybrid work and digital spaces, and will appreciate the benefits of an all-in-one tool that allows them to communicate, collaborate, and build relationships anytime, anywhere, and through any device,” said Policarpio. “Through Globe UCCaaS, businesses can enhance engagement across stakeholders, optimize workflows, and build customer satisfaction to own greater tomorrows.”

Get a wide range of benefits from Globe’s simplified and streamlined communications solutions. Start with Globe Business UCCaaS by contacting your enterprise Account Manager or visiting our website today.

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