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Power Up Your Business with Globe's UNLI Fiber Biz Plan 2499 - Globe Newsroom

Power Up Your Business with Globe's UNLI Fiber Biz Plan 2499

It has become more apparent that connectivity is truly the backbone of most businesses these days. Whether it’s collaborating with employees, engaging with customers, or keeping up with operations, it’s increasingly important to stay online and digitally-in-touch in order to thrive in this competitive market. 

To help micro, small and medium businesses gain a head start and secure a strong foundation with top-notch connectivity, Globe Business launches its most comprehensive internet plan yet, the UNLI Fiber Biz Plan 2499.


Finding the Perfect Connectivity Solution for MSMEs in Globe’s UNLI Fiber Biz Plan 2499

The UNLI Fiber Biz Plan 2499 is the perfect plan for MSMEs who value quality and speed at an affordable rate. Jam-packed with a slew of unique perks, it will surely help ramp up efficiency across all business touchpoints. 

  • Experience undisturbed collaboration with Symmetric Connection. A symmetric internet connection allows business managers to easily upload and send important documents to clients, have a stronger and uninterrupted connection during virtual meetings, and seamlessly collaborate with teammates on GSuite and Microsoft 365 especially in a remote work set-up.

  • Enjoy unlimited landline calls for faster communication. For an additional ₱59 per month, businesses have the additional edge of reaching customers beyond their vicinity through unlimited calls from a landline to all mobile networks and landlines within the Philippines with the True Unli Landline promo.

  • Save up to 7,200 by redeeming two complimentary WiFi Mesh devices that come with the plan. The innovative gadget promotes better internet connection coverage in workplaces by eliminating dead zones that a normal WiFi modem can’t reach, allowing users to stay connected online in any part of the workspace.

  • Maximize add-on inclusions to boost business operations. Businesses have the option to avail collaboration tools such as Microsoft 365 Business Basic, Google Workspace Business Starter, or dedicated after-sales support through Globe’s myBusiness Expert to streamline and speed up systems among different areas of the operations.

More UNLI Fiber Biz Plan Offerings to Help Businesses Thrive

Meanwhile, for those looking to fulfill other requirements beyond internet connectivity, Globe Business’ broadband packages from different price points are also available and can be customized to suit different business needs. The plans start at ₱1,899 for 20 Mbps to ₱9,499 for 1 GB—inclusive of free Modem and a free subscription with unlimited calls to Globe & TM on mobile and landline.

MSMEs can also choose between a complimentary one-year license and domain of Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace, or 2 pieces of TP-link Wifi Mesh if they subscribe to a plan with an internet speed of 50 Mbps and up. 

Lastly, for ₱1,000 per month, customers can upgrade to a premium subscription and get a static IP address, which is essential for businesses that use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or other remote-access solutions to manage employees’ needs much more easily. Customers can also get myBizExpert support, which gives them the ability to tap the expertise of personal Account Managers and receive assistance in handling account, network, billing, or service queries. Similar to the Plan 2499, the option to add ₱59 monthly for a subscription to True Unli Landline is also available. 

Globe Business continues to develop these offerings to assist entrepreneurs in transforming their operations while they adapt and strive to thrive amidst the economic challenges. “Our UNLI Fiber Biz Plan is part of our commitment at Globe Business to be the reliable partner of our local entrepreneurs in leveling up their business and enabling them to power through changing times,” said Tin Loya, Globe Business MSME Group Core Product Head.

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