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SLTEC Partners with Globe Business for IoT-Enabled Power Plant - Globe Newsroom

South Luzon Thermal Energy Corporation, Globe Business Link up for IoT-Enabled Power Plant

The enterprise arm of Globe Telecom forged a partnership with South Luzon Thermal Energy Corporation (SLTEC) to enhance the latter’s data collection, analytics, and power plant production through the Internet of Things (IoT) enabled by Globe Direct Internet.

“Introducing IoT to our operations was a big step towards changing the way we interact with and understand data,” said Adrian Sofran, Deputy Plant Manager at SLTEC. “Before joining forces with Globe Business, we were stuck with manually consolidating data from our equipment. We had no real-time information on our power plant production, no dashboard to help us monitor its performance, and no stable connection to support our company’s potential for digitalization. Globe helped immensely by allowing us to achieve what we visualized for our operations—to become versatile and productive through centralized data.” 

SLTEC progressed into the IoT domain using OSIsoft PI System. Together with its System Integrator partner for Data Management and Analytics Solutions, Calibr8 Systems, Globe assisted SLTEC in implementing the IoT infrastructure to bring all operational data into a single system. This then delivered useful information to users throughout the organization-- from those on the plant floor up to the executive boardroom.

OSIsoft PI System works by collecting data from multiple interfaces or proprietary vendor systems around the plant through its open, scalable architecture. The IoT implementation also includes OSIsoft PI Vision, which gives SLTEC a clear and simplified view of the data, on a daily basis, so they can assess the overall health of movements across the plant. As for information that can’t be collected digitally, OSIsoft has a web-based application where users can input details for reference. 

“SLTEC is a great example of what businesses can accomplish with well-mined data,” asserted Peter Maquera, Senior Vice President for Globe Business. “Data has always been a valuable asset in keeping businesses relevant and competitive. By arming SLTEC with IoT capabilities and reliable internet, the company was able to facilitate quick data reporting, streamline systems, conduct real-time troubleshooting, and prevent costly equipment breakdowns. Beyond an operational standpoint, we’re pleased that our team, including our partners at Calibr8, were able to link the organization to business-critical data, which are indispensable to decision-making.”

Amid the pandemic, SLTEC continues to generate dependable power for Filipino households and businesses. As a baseload provider, SLTEC ensures environmentally-safe procurement of energy, compliant to parameters set by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).

Globe, dubbed as 2020 Philippines IoT Service Provider of the Year by Frost & Sullivan, also joins the growing consensus for a more sustainable future. As part of its purpose-driven sustainability initiatives, the company implements multiple strategy pillars, all of which capitalize on connectivity and digitalization to create a Globe of Good. With consistent efforts in empowering businesses with tools for success; establishing opportunities for Filipinos to engage in a digital economy; and pioneering innovative practices that recreate a braver tomorrow, Globe—along with its partners and customers—is paving the way for a promising and more courageous future.

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