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Write Your Business’ Success Story with Globe Business’ Partnership Program

From increased media exposure for your brand to paid certification training for your team, there’s a lot more waiting for you at the Globe Partner Network program

Today’s consumers are becoming more digitally adept by the day, moving many of their daily tasks and activities to online channels that have become the norm for many people. This poses a challenge to brands and businesses who need to quickly adopt digital solutions if they want to remain competitive and able to meet consumers where they are.  

System integrators, in particular, have the unique task of helping business clients to link connectivity with digital solutions, and in recognition of this challenge, Globe Business recently launched its partner program to aid them in that endeavor.  

Through the Globe Partner Network program, tech integrator companies who strive to build robust systems for their clients now get valuable exposure to Globe Business’ roster of MSME clients through exclusive events where they can interact with them and learn from their experiences. In addition, they get access to paid certification training that will hone their skills and help them deliver more groundbreaking solutions for their clients. 

Known as the Globe Partner Network, the program may be new, but it has already garnered inspiring success stories shared by partners during their first Kamustahan session.

A Success Story: GPN Opens Opportunities for Spring Valley

During the Globe Partner Network (GPN) Kumustahan, existing GPN members were able to share their success stories with potential partners. The CEO and founder of local tech company Spring Valley and a pioneer GPN partner, Jonathan de Luzuriaga, shared how joining GPN has opened up many opportunities for his company and expanded their clientele reach. 

With many businesses struggling due to a lack of digital presence during the pandemic, being a GPN partner allowed him to reach out to these businesses, helping them make their connectivity faster and better – plus getting more publicity for his company at the same time. Globe Business' API solutions and other digital tools also removed the need to build things from scratch, making work easier and more efficient for him and his employees.

But for de Luzuriaga, one of the most important things he gained upon joining GPN was finding a more meaningful reason to continue what they are doing as a company. “Globe Business allowed Spring Valley to connect to a higher purpose,” he said when talking about Spring Valley’s PilantropoOJTph, and CLEAR (Citizen’s Logistics and Early Assessment Report Tool) projects. 

“Our main objective is to identify start-ups from all over the Philippines that would create technological solutions to make an impact on the lives of our countrymen,” de Luzuriaga added. 

New Members! Here Are GPN Perks and Benefits You Can Get

On top of de Luzuriaga’s inspiring story, everyone in attendance was also buzzing with excitement upon the announcement of the new perks for GPN partners. 

Existing members will enjoy increased media exposure that helps them in attracting more clients. Accreditation and presentation tools to further push Globe Business' solutions are also readily available. Members can also offer Globe Business solutions and bundle them together with their own services to earn commissions. GPN partners can also continue learning with Globe Business through its paid certification training incentive.

How to Be a GPN Partner

Already convinced? It’s time to join the program. Don’t worry though, signing up is easy, head on to the Globe Partner Network homepage  to find out!

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