University of the Philippines Rural High School Supports Students’ Connectivity for eLearning by Partnering with Globe

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, educational institutions are transitioning from face-to-face instruction to online-based learning for the safety and well-being of students and teachers. In line with this, the University of the Philippines Rural High School (UPRHS) of the University of the Philippines Los Banos (UPLB) has partnered with Globe to enable blended learning. 

Through the partnership, UPRHS secured Globe’s EDUC Load Up plan and Amber SMS service. The EDUC Load Up plan will be provided for 60 of its students who have limited connectivity in their homes.

EDUC Load Up plan includes data allocation that allows access to predefined education applications. On the other hand, the Amber SMS service will help the institution to send school announcements and advisories to parents, faculty, staff, and students.

The partnership with Globe was made possible with the support provided by the UPRHS Alumni Association, Inc. (AAI) led by Class ‘95 through its “Tulong KKK” project.  

“TULONG KKK” is one of Class ‘95’s initiatives for the year. It involves “Tulong Konek,” “Tulong Kompyuter,” and “Tulong Kagalingan,” which is consistent with the Ruralite ideals of innovation, excellence, and service.  

“UP Rural High School is grateful for the support of Class 1995, the Alumni Association and Globe in the Tulong Konek Project. By providing connectivity, the project ensures that no Ruralite will be left behind as we transition to remote learning” said Gregorio Y. Ardales Jr., principal of UPRHS. “We face various challenges but with everyone’s help, we are able to uphold our commitment to teaching with honor and excellence–regardless of the circumstances,” he added.

Under “Tulong Konek,” Class ‘95 of UPRHS AAI supports the connectivity of select students through Globe EDUC Load Up and enables effective communication among UPRHS staff, teachers, students, and parents through Globe Amber. As for “Tulong Kompyuter,” the Class of ‘95 facilitates the acquisition of 30 refurbished computers needed by students for remote learning. Lastly, under “Tulong Kagalingan,” mindfulness sessions are provided for teachers, students, and staff as a way to cope through the emotional, mental, and psycho-social stress caused by the pandemic. 

“For the past few months, the Class of 1995 has been up and about in designing a support program that is relevant for UP Rural High School during this time. We are both humbled and proud to partner with Globe and UPRHS for the Tulong Konek Project” says Ian Ebron, Co-Chair of UPRHS AAI Class ‘95 Steercom. “It is our way of living out the values of solidarity and cooperation imbued by our alma mater. Through Tulong Konek, each of us can say: I am giving back because #RuraliteAko.” 

Established in 1927, UPRHS is a full, state university high school with a science-oriented, college preparatory curriculum aligned with UPLB. It is among the leading secondary schools that are known to be competitive with the top science high schools in the country. Students at UPRHS are selected through competitive exams from among thousands of applicants including those from other provinces and those coming from low-income families. The school’s holistic and science-oriented approach has created remarkable leaders in the country and abroad.

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Globe is helping institutions integrate technology through mySchoolSURF, a lineup of internet promos designed to help students and instructors. Plans start at P199, which comes with 34GB of data allocation valid for seven days.

All plans come with 4GB daily data allocations for pre-defined apps useful for learning. This includes video conferencing tools like Zoom, and research and productivity platforms such as Office 365, Canva, Blackboard, and Course Hero. It also comes with access to messaging apps like Viber, Whatsapp, and Facebook Messenger. Institutions can allot data for other platforms for exams, special projects, or other learning needs.

By bridging teachers to information and technology that enable continuous learning, especially during times of crisis, Globe continues to prove itself an invaluable partner in promoting 21st Century Learning and in improving resilience in education.

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