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Verto Network Solutions Inc. Partners with Globe myBusiness to Power Its Digital Connection

BANNER CAPTION: Globe Group President and CEO Ernest Cu and Global Electric Transport (GET) President Freddie Tinga launch the GET electric vehicle service for Globe employees at The Globe Tower, January 23, 2023.

Internet connectivity is at the heart of every business operation and is the foundation of today’s digital economy. When the pandemic hit and strict lockdowns were imposed, companies sought for reliable internet connectivity to enable work from home & remote operations.

For Verto Network Solutions Inc., a company that offers IT managed services and turnkey solutions, every second counts. Losing connectivity would be detrimental to its operations.

Founded in 2014, Verto Network Solutions, Inc. is a 100% Filipino-owned and operated corporation, engaged in providing IT-BPM Services. The company offers VOIP and Contact Center Solutions for call centers worldwide. It’s roster of clients include international online stores based in New York, Israel, and Canada. 

Apart from enabling BPOs, Verto is likewise a telemedicine platform provider of one of the top medical clinics in the Philippines. Verto’s agents handle clinic inquiries, laboratory appointments, as well as schedules for online doctor consultations. The telemedicine platform is being used by doctors and patients alike, a solution that is incredibly helpful in today’s situation. 

Before Verto Network Solutions was established, company President Ricky Matias shared that he had already partnered with Globe Telecom on his other business ventures. This long-term relationship with Globe myBusiness ultimately led to the decision to partner again w/ Globe for Verto’s needs.

“Globe is a company that responds immediately to customer concerns. Even though it is a big corporation, Globe never fails to provide impressive and quick service. Compared to the competition, Globe myBusiness’ response time is shorter and faster which matters to Verto because our services are real-time. Other than the outstanding support they’ve provided, Globe myBusiness is always open to working with us on whatever we need,” said Matias. 

Through the partnership, Globe myBusiness provided Verto Network Solutions with Direct Internet, SIP trunking solutions, postpaid and prepaid internet lines for its remote workforce, and fixed broadband internet connection for its office. Globe myBusiness’ Direct Internet guarantees 99.9% uptime and network redundancy, which are elements crucial for Verto Networks’ line of business. 

“Prior to the lockdown in March of 2020, we were like most businesses, in a state of shock and fear that our business wouldn’t survive. The Internet is our lifeblood and without a stable connection, it would affect the productivity of our agents and our business SLAs. Luckily, Globe myBusiness helped us in establishing our work-from-home setup. The transition was smooth and they ensured the connectivity of both our office-based workers and remote workforce,” shared Ruby Padilla, Executive Vice President of Verto Network Solutions. 

While some companies had to let go of employees, Verto managed to add more staff to their roster, “When the pandemic broke out last year, we only had around 130 direct employees, but today, with the help of Globe myBusiness’ internet connectivity, we’re at 240 employees and still hiring—with approximately 80% of our employees working from home ” added Padilla. As a company founded on the Filipino values of integrity and compassion, Verto hopes to make a difference on this front by giving opportunities for employment to fellow Filipinos. 

Keeping Businesses Connected

Globe myBusiness solutions have helped power IT-BPM companies like Verto Network Solutions Inc and will continue to do the same for other SMEs in the country. In an era when Internet connectivity is critical, Globe myBusiness solutions and tools, from direct internet to fixed broadband and postpaid mobile devices, will keep your connections up and running, no matter where you’re working. 

Click here to sign-up for a free digital consultation with a Globe myBusiness representative, and visit the Globe myBusiness site to learn more about our solutions for IT-BPM companies.

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