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5 Ways for MSMEs to Fuel Business Growth with Globe Labs APIs - Globe Newsroom

Five Ways for MSMEs to Fuel Business Growth with Globe Labs APIs

For every business roadblock and term of lackluster growth, there’s a Globe Labs Application Programming Interface (API) designed to solve the problem, fuel innovation, and create richer and better experiences for customers.

As MSMEs continue to look for ways to grow and transform into digital businesses, they can take advantage of the influx of new technologies developed to strengthen the digital economy. APIs have become a critical tool to help them reach more audiences and create more room for business growth.

Globe Labs, Globe Telecom’s innovative developer community, offers a comprehensive set of APIs that provide businesses with telco-powered solutions to help them get past various business challenges— from mobile banking apps which customers struggle to use without mobile data or internet connection, to enterprises that don’t have enough agents to field calls. 

With Globe Labs APIs, businesses can also automate aspects of their operations to speed up delivery time for customers, by automating dashboards for better monitoring, and easily extracting reports that will help in making well-informed, data-driven, and more accurate decisions. 

  1. Send Branded Messages in Bulk with SMS API
    The SMS API is an innovative digital solution that allows MSMEs to send branded messages in bulk and interact with customers and employees from all networks. Many educational institutions have found this tool convenient for staying connected with students, faculty, and parents, and sending connectivity allowances with ease. This API has also been useful among local government units in sending important announcements, including vaccination alerts to their constituents.

  2. Deliver Better Customer Service through Voice API
    Voice API can do phone-related tasks to business applications even without a real phone, including dialing out and answering calls. Using this particular digital tool, businesses can set their own caller ID, record professional business voice messages and automate workflows with real-time notifications. For companies overwhelmed with too many calls amid a shortage of phone operators, the Voice API can help them catch up and connect with their customers more promptly and efficiently.

  3. Drive Customer Loyalty through Load/Rewards API
    Globe Labs’ Load/Rewards API allows businesses to integrate load disbursement functions to their platform so they can send prepaid credits as a form of reward to their customers, or to simply keep their audiences connected at all times. Automating prepaid credit distribution, for instance to a staff of 100, helps save time and effort on the part of managers.

  4. Spur Customer Engagement through Sponsored Access API
    With Sponsored Access API, businesses can increase customer engagement and create a higher brand or product awareness as their customers no longer need to have mobile data in order to access their app or website. For instance, banks that want more people to use their mobile apps can use this API to drive more customers to use their app with free data.

  5. Expand Your Range of Payment Options with Charging API
    Game developers and other businesses with limited payment options that lead to poor in-app purchases can fix this problem through the Charging API, which allows customers to pay for digital goods using their prepaid load or postpaid bill.

“Globe Labs’s API offerings are built to support businesses towards faster, more streamlined, and efficient work operations so they are better equipped to thrive in the new normal,” said Chris Cheng, products and innovation vice president of Globe’s Digital Solutions Group.

APIs are at the heart of many technologies and are a sound investment for MSMEs that are looking to build business continuity and move towards digital transformation, which is now a must for all types and sizes of businesses.

“It is our hope that through Globe Business’ Globe Labs APIs, we can help our MSMEs reap the benefits of rich mobile experiences and to ultimately help them be more empowered in digitally transforming their businesses. With Globe Business as their partner, they can rely on us to provide expert support and guidance as they navigate their digital journey,” said KD Dizon, Vice President for Globe Business, MSME Group.

To take advantage of Globe Labs APIs, you can start by creating a free developer account to get free ₱1,000 API credits upon registration at!/developer/get-started.

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