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Zamboanga del Norte Cooperative Revamps Payroll System - Globe Newsroom

Zamboanga del Norte Cooperative Revamps Payroll System with Globe Business’ Cloud Payroll

Managing the financial records of employees in an organization is a critical component to its overall success—and this requires the right payroll solution to make it happen.

Take it from the Zamboanga del Norte Cooperative (Zaneco), an electric distribution company that powers 21 municipalities and two cities in the province: For nearly a decade, Zaneco had been doing a combination of their previous payroll system to calculate salaries and a spreadsheet program to manually compute overtime and night shift differential of their over 500 employees, until they found the perfect payroll system partner in Globe Business’ Cloud Payroll.

“Doing things manually was time-consuming and inefficient,” says Ian Candelanza, Zaneco Human Resource Development Supervisor. “And when miscalculations happen, the complaints would, of course, come flooding in.”

The company’s decision to go manual with their payroll was the result of an initial system that began to falter easily. Luckily, after many years of having to endure a taxing process, as Candelanza says, they found Globe Business Cloud Payroll, which easily solved their pain points by:

  • Reducing the time to create payroll reports to just one hour, whereas previously it took one to three days; and
  • Automatically and accurately computing overtime, night differentials, and government deductions.

Cloud Payroll is a software offered by Globe Business to “organize all HR transactions by keeping track of employees’ rendered hours; calculating wages, withholding taxes and deductions; generating payslip; paying premiums; and paying employment taxes to the government,” says Alyssa Gil, Globe Business Industry Manager. “It is designed to improve the employee experience by allowing them to receive their salaries on time without discrepancies. Additionally, it enables HR practitioners to worry less about payroll and focus on developing their company’s talents.”

The solution is a perfect fit for Zaneco, says Candelanza, because the cloud-based platform makes it easy for the company to integrate the system across all of their seven branches. Moreover, Zaneco is able to manage the payroll of their linemen and outsourced employees, too, as Cloud Payroll is able to track employees who are field-based, contract-based, have night differentials, and need geo-tagging—or, basically, those that don’t follow the usual eight-hour shift schedule.

“Given our remote work setup, Cloud Payroll allows our employees to easily access their salary and attendance information on their mobile devices or computers at home,” says Candelanza. “At the same time, we can keep track of our employee attendance on the platform, instead of us having to check in on them via messaging apps.”

Companies like Zaneco don’t need to break the bank, either, for such a tech-driven solution; with the Cloud Payroll system, businesses with at least 100 employees can automate their payroll for as low as P70 per employee per month. This comes with personalized assistance through an account manager, additional support advisory, multiple payment methods, complementary solutions for connectivity or ICT needs, and after-sales support. It even conveniently allows for salary disbursement via GCash, should that be a better option for the company.

“With Cloud Payroll through Globe Business, payroll will now be the least of your HR team’s worries as companies can rely on this system to cut down processes,” says Gil.

To learn more about Globe Business’ Cloud Payroll solution, visit Globe Cloud Payroll

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