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Tips for Parents with Kids During Community Quarantine - Globe Newsroom

Globe Shares Tips for Parents With Kids or Teenagers at Home in Times of Community Quarantine

Having kids and teenagers at home during these difficult times of the COVID-19 pandemic is challenging enough. What makes it worse is having bored kids and teenagers more than two weeks into the enhanced community quarantine.

With school suspended and going to the malls is not an option, parents can still find a way to channel their children’s energy, enthusiasm, and curiosity into something more productive and meaningful.

Globe shares tips on how to make kids and teenagers at home be more focused, make the most with the time on their hands and do something that will keep those anxious moments at bay.

Learn something new online.  There are so many educational websites that offer online courses for free. Subjects range from history, arts, music, the latest gadgets, technology, and even travel destinations are available. For kids who wish to learn more and teenagers who want to travel, especially now that summer is here, the mouse is their new best friend in this time of lockdown. While it is not encouraged to download large files or stream movies, there are always choices that can be made. Make the best out of it.

Check DIY sites.  The Do It Yourself sites are getting more relevant now more than ever.  With more kids at home now than before, they can channel their energy in learning a new craft like how to recycle old materials into something new and useful again. They can also subscribe to DIY sites to expand their knowledge on how to do things that are usually taken for granted.

Use the time to reconnect with extended relatives and friends. Now that they have a lot of time, encourage your kids to reconnect with their Lolo, Lola, and other relatives. A short letter, a simple card, or even a text message to their grandparents will go a long way. In times like these, hearing something from their favorite “apo” will greatly help in putting smiles into our elders’ lips because they too are under quarantine. Your kids can also write letters or cards of encouragement to patients in hospitals. There is a link where kids can email their personalized cards and letters. The receiving party will then print the cards and give them to the patients confined at the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM). You may email the get-well-soon cards at [email protected].

Do simple workouts, exercise.  Being at home doesn’t mean you can’t have a proper workout. Turn that one kilo of rice or several cans of milk or fruit juices into weights. Use the sofa as an inclined bench press. If you have stairs, then go up and down for a few rounds. Zumba is also good for the whole family. There is no limit to your imagination.

Practice Yoga. Yoga can also be good for your kids. They don’t need to do those complicated poses. They can just concentrate, breathe, or relax while being still.  There are lots of yoga exercises on the internet. Some are even designed for kids too.

Let them learn to play musical instruments.  If you have an old guitar lying somewhere in the house, now is the right time to bring it out and have your kids take a look at it.  You might even discover a future musician in your family in doing so.

Bring the old board games out of the closet.  Teach your kids how to play chess, charade, monopoly, Jenga, snakes and ladders, scrabble, and even sungka!

Rummage through old photos. Make scrapbooks with your kids. Relive those wonderful moments and the stories behind those photos.

Divide the household chores. By doing this, you will not only teach your kids basic household tasks but how to be responsible and to take care of the needs of the family as well. You can teach them how to cook rice, bake, or even do their own laundry.

Use the time for them to know more about their siblings or their parents.  Encourage your kids to have more interaction with the whole family. Know more about their interests, hobbies, likes, favorite food, and other relevant issues that you normally don’t know about them because you are out of the time earning a living for your family.

Pray together. As they say, the family that prays together stays together.  And with the pandemic in full swing in so many countries worldwide, we really need those prayers.

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