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5 Reasons Why You Should #PlayItRight | Newsroom | Globe

5 Reasons Why You Should #PlayItRight

When it comes to movie-watching, many Filipinos prefer to illegally download or stream online rather than watch from legitimate sources like cinemas and recognized streaming platforms. It may be free, but what they don’t know is that aside from harming the entertainment industry, they’re also harming themselves.

To educate viewers on the dangers of illegal content consumption, Globe launched #PlayItRight, an advocacy campaign to encourage its customers and the public to play content from legal sources and protect the copyright of its global content partners, while ensuring that its network, products and services are not used in illegal activities.

“Every movie, series, and other forms of content downloaded from non-legitimate sources exposes the viewer to dangers they may not know about,” says Yoly Crisanto, senior vice president for Corporate Communications of Globe. “To protect our customers, our partners and our network from illegal activity and the dangers that come with it, Globe is offering affordable access to world-class and high quality content from Disney, HOOQ, Cartoon Network, Tribe, and YouTube, and even bundle them with our services for free for new customers,” adds Crisanto. 

Why should you #PlayItRight? Here are five important reasons:

1. Avoid identity theft

Accessing content through illegal means exposes viewers to identity theft. Many websites will ask viewers to download a file containing a video player, which is accompanied by, or completely replaced with dangerous malware that can steal private information like passwords, bank account numbers, and credit card numbers.

2. Protect yourself against malware and viruses on your devices

Apart from information-stealing malware, illegally downloaded content may expose the viewer to viruses that may be accompanied by the video file. These viruses can lead to loss of data, slow internet connection, and unwarranted pop-up windows. Sometimes an antivirus software is not enough to combat these viruses.

3. Don’t do it unless you want to go to jail

Many people have said that there’s nothing wrong with downloading and accessing pirated content since it’s easily accessible online, but under Republic Act 8293 (Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines) and Republic Act 10175 (Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012), viewers who are caught participating in online piracy will have to pay a hefty fine and get jail time. House Bill 6187 (Anti-Online Piracy Act) is currently being reviewed to implement stricter measures for illegally-consumed content.

Further belief in this misconception also exposes internet users to the dangers of illegal sites, including those that host child pornography. Globe is adapting global best practices applied in Singapore and other countries where there is active regulation towards illegal sites and child pornography, and strongly supports the Republic Act 9775 or the Anti-Child Pornography Act of 2009. In 2017 alone, Globe has blocked close to 2,500 websites containing lewd content and child pornography.

4. Respect content creators

Hundreds of cast and crew members take thousands of hours to create one movie that they hope to make a profit on. For example, the Metro Manila Film Festival entry All Of You starring Derek Ramsey and Jennylyn Mercado took 78,000 hours to produce by 130 cast and crew. Illegal content consumption disrespects the money, hard work, and effort put into making it, especially to the crew whose only source of income is in film production.

5. Support the film industry

By watching content illegally, viewers are depriving members of the film industry from earning what is rightfully theirs. Everyone in the industry earns from ticket sales, film distribution, and royalties, and watching films from illegitimate sources lowers revenues, which could mean that studios and independent filmmakers will create less films.

To make sure that you are protected from the dangers of online piracy, make sure to #PlayItRight. Watch your favorite and the latest movies and TV shows only in theaters and on recognized streaming platforms.

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