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Globe Offers Automated Voice Response Technology to LGUs - Globe Newsroom

Globe Offers Automated Voice Response Technology to LGUs for Faster Community Response

With the restrictions on movement imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the need to quickly and accurately disseminate information is more important than ever. To help community leaders accomplish this with ease, Globe introduces an automated voice response technology via IVES or Interactive Voice Engagement Solution, an online communication tool that lets companies and organizations broadcast key information and collect feedback from community members.   

IVES is a self-service web-based platform that allows organizations to automate the sending of voice calls to their intended recipients using Interactive Voice Response technology, empowering them to increase their reach, improve engagement and ease operations through a smooth flow of information carried by the automated voice campaigns, without the assistance of a live operator. The system uses a drag-and-drop interface that enables organizations to pre-record and customize messaging as well as to automate the sending of voice calls whether individually or in bulk. With IVES, companies can also schedule their voice campaigns, check their statuses through its real-time monitoring function, and integrate SMS so they can send out an SMS before or after each voice message to their intended recipients. 

“During these extraordinary times, maintaining reliable communication between community leaders and their constituents is crucial. Innovative solutions such as IVES are a great way to accommodate this pressing need, and we hope we can partner with as many local leaders in the country to help them tailor their community responses to their constituents as efficiently as possible,” shared Peter Maquera, Globe Business Senior Vice President, Enterprise Group.   

With IVES, community leaders can broadcast pre-recorded voice announcements, news alerts, surveys, and reminders for their constituents. In the event of natural disasters such as typhoons, floods, or earthquakes, IVES can also serve as a more accessible communications channel that can identify individuals’ and families’ needs and concerns especially those belonging in communities located in areas where internet access may be a challenge. Based on citizens’ inputs in the system via keypad selection, community officials can assist, direct and route calls to better address their specific needs based on the user responses. 

“At this time when being connected is important, we believe that voice plays a key role in raising awareness among citizens, and connecting them to the most vital updates and information. Through IVES, we hope to bring essential community services closer to citizens and communities while ensuring safety and providing appropriate assistance in the new normal as well as during emergencies,” said Janis Nathalie Racpan, Globe Telecom - Digital Solutions Group Director of Business Development and Marketing.

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