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Bicol Isarog, Globe Business Team Up to Give Holiday Travelers a Wonderful Christmas Surprise | Newsroom | Globe

Bicol Isarog, Globe Business Team Up to Give Holiday Travelers a Wonderful Christmas Surprise

December 17 was a wonderful day of presents and surprises for travelers journeying from Naga to Manila for the holidays as Bicol Isarog and Globe Business collaborated to give passengers a Christmas they would never forget.

Passengers of a Bicol Isarog bus from Naga were gifted with items they wished for such as flat-screen television, laptop computer, mobile phone, camera, and Christmas basket, among others, as soon as they alighted from their 12-hour journey to Manila.

Jose Marco del Pilar, Executive Vice President and owner of Bicol Isarog, said they wanted to give back to their passengers, thanking them for their consistent support which helped the company grow and flourish. Bicol Isarog is focused on giving great experience to their riders who often spend a lot of hours on the road traveling.


“A wonderful Christmas for us is bringing something new. Our passengers are the lifeblood of the company so we surveyed and surprised them with gifts and presents that they want for Christmas. We have so many blessings and we want to share these with them,” said del Pilar as he promised that Bicol Isarog will continue to give passengers first class service and comfortable travels to and from the Bicol region.

He also noted that working with Globe Business was important in making the surprise possible. “Globe Business is very engaged and I am happy to say that they have really helped us in more ways than one.” Globe Business assisted Bicol Isarog in meeting their business objectives, both in operations and marketing their services to the customers for better travel experience.


According to del Pilar, Globe Business’ team is proactive in approaching Bicol Isarog to formulate strategies to better serve their customers.  “They really gave us very innovative business solutions so our bus company can connect to a computerized system and link ticketing systems nationwide. We have ticketing systems in Manila, Bicol, Masbate, Catanduanes, and the Visayas connected through our WiFi, our Internet, and phone lines.”

“Most of our air conditioned buses also have Globe WiFi. By providing that connectivity to passengers, we give them first-class service.  We also have AdBlast service from Globe Business when we need to send out information to our customers,” he added.


Meanwhile, Derrick Heng, Senior Adviser for Globe Business, said that their work with Bicol Isarog was in line with the company’s mission to help businesses flourish by helping entrepreneurs provide great customer experience to their clients.

“Bicol Isarog always wanted to give superior service to their customers so we provide them with connectivity and solutions that will help their passengers enjoy the trip better,” he said.

Heng also noted that the plan to welcome Bicol Isarog’s passengers with presents as they arrive at the terminal is a wonderful opportunity to show how both companies care. “Christmas is the time to rejoice. To create a wonderful experience, simple gestures matter. A simple gesture of giving a present is a way to thank customers for their loyalty that will definitely put a smile on their face,” he said.


Christmas is a special time for Filipinos to spend memorable moments with their loved ones. Globe Business helps make this happen through their partnerships with businesses like Bicol Isarog which have, time and again, given friends and families an opportunity to be together especially during the Yuletide Season.

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