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TMBayan Fiber WiFi: 1st-World Internet Experience to Every Filipino - Globe Newsroom

Globe Brings First World Internet Experience to Every Filipino with Affordable TMBayan Fiber WiFi

Globe believes that every Filipino should have access to fast fiber internet connection. In line with this, Globe is launching a new category of prepaid fiber connectivity that will make fiber internet affordable and accessible to cash-strapped Filipinos.

As a pioneer in prepaid fiber, Globe is launching TMBayan Fiber WiFi, the first of its kind unlimited prepaid fiber.

Filipinos can go online for as low as ₱5 for a minimum of one hour of internet access, and for ₱20, they can enjoy 12 hours of high-speed internet connection. This is part of Globe’s commitment to deliver innovative products to those that need them the most, maximize its fiber footprint, and digitally enable Filipinos through reliable connectivity.

This unique broadband offer supports the government’s goal of expanding internet access across the country towards greater digital enablement. This is also Globe’s response to the public clamor and government’s call for reliable and affordable internet connectivity that is accessible to the masses.

It also further supports Globe’s goal to be consistently responsive to Filipinos’ connectivity needs through various platforms, from mobile data to home WiFi, and now through prepaid fiber WiFi.

“In order to bridge the digital divide in the country, we want to help those that need it the most. By removing the price barrier, Globe will make fast fiber internet accessible to all. It’s not enough to offer affordable promos and high GB allocations, TMBayan Fiber WiFi is designed to be the most accessible Fiber plan in the market today. Filipino families and barkadas can experience first-world internet that is fast and reliable to support their studies, raket, video streaming, online gaming, and bonding moments with friends and family for the GV they need every day,” said Globe Chief Commercial Officer Issa Guevarra-Cabreira.

“TMBayan Fiber WiFi brings together the network strength of Globe and accessibility of TM to deliver Globe’s fiber-strong brand of connectivity to more Filipinos. We envision having TMBayans all across the country, with everyone able to access reliable internet connection,” she added.

With TMBayan Fiber WiFi, sari-sari stores, town plazas, community centers, and other neighborhood convergence areas can become WiFi hotspots, with unlimited connectivity available at affordable rates.

For sari-sari stores and other small businesses that will serve as hubs, TMBayan Fiber WiFi is an opportunity to further empower and boost their businesses as they become the community’s new favorite “tambayans” or hangouts.

As part of its commitment to provide a #1stWorldNetwork to Filipinos nationwide, Globe is spending ₱89 billion for network expansion and improvements this year to further build up its fiber assets, put up more cell sites, upgrade towers to 4G LTE, and roll out 5G technology and in-building solutions.

This is in line with Globe’s support for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, particularly UN SDG No. 9, which highlights the roles of infrastructure and innovation as crucial drivers of economic growth and development.

In the first quarter of 2022 alone, Globe built 1.74 times more lines in an accelerated fiber strategy to improve customer internet experience. It also reported a 155% jump in fiber broadband takeup from January to March this year, translating to a 164% surge in fiber revenues.

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