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G Summit Unleashes Extraordinary Digital Leaders Among MSMEs - Globe Newsroom

G Summit: Unleashing Extraordinary Digital Leaders Among MSMEs

PHOTO CAPTION: (From L to R) Oliver “Birdie” Salva, Co-Founder and General Manager of Curiosity; Maridol Ylanan, Strategy and Business Enablement Head of Globe Business MSME Group; Carlo Calimon, President and Co-Founder of StartUp Village; Jonathan de Luzuriaga, CEO of Spring Valley; Ash Mandhyan, CEO of Metaverse Go; Angeline Po, Product Marketing Head of Globe Business MSME Group; Mariliese Julianne J. Enriquez, Assistant Vice President of the Transaction Services Division of BPI; Ms. Veronica Feleo, Business Development Manager of Rakuten Viber, and; KD Dizon, Globe Business MSME Group Head.

Globe Business continues to empower, inspire, and provide rewarding experiences to its customers to bring them closer to their dreams put on pause by the pandemic. 

During the annual Globe 917 celebration to give back to its loyal subscribers in September, Globe Business made sure that micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) were not left behind. 

One of the #ExtraGDayEveryday experiences that Globe Business brought to its customers was G Summit.  

Now in its third year, the conference carried the theme “Finding the Extraordinary Leader Within You,” aiming to develop extraordinary digital leaders among MSMEs through knowledge sharing, industry trends, and networking. 

G Summit was kickstarted with remarks from respected business speaker Francis Kong, who shared his thoughts on the kinds of extraordinary transformative leadership that can best serve their business.   

"Purpose is about aligning your values with your offering" and "the new normal is now about the new possible... it's about building communities and doing business in the service of solving problems of our customers,” Kong said at the event.  

During the leadership panel fireside chat moderated by Curiosity Co-Founder and General Manager Oliver “Birdie” Salva, guests explored different situations for current and aspiring MSMEs on how to cultivate and develop themselves to be their own brand of extraordinary leaders.  

Kong noted that it is during a crisis when extraordinary leaders are created.  

"Crisis doesn't create character, crisis reveals the stuff you're made of,” he said. 

Entrepreneur Slater Young, meanwhile, advised aspiring entrepreneurs to give their all to make a business succeed, while motivational speaker Paulo Tibig added that business should not always be about profit but also about mission and advocacy. 

Tech start-up founder Ginger Arboleda talked about the need to hire people who value integrity, those who are customer-centric, and find fulfillment in what they do. 

Lana & Mink CEO Rizza Lana and KonsultaMD Chief Revenue Officer Grace Anduiza, meanwhile, shared how care for employees is central to business growth.   

During the summit, a session on Digital Transformation discussed emerging trends and technologies and how MSMEs can leverage them to grow their businesses and protect themselves from threats.  

Guests included Carlo Calimon, one of the 100 Most Influential Global Marketing Leaders; Jonathan De Luzuriaga, a change-maker in the ICT world; Ash Mandhyan, CEO of Metaverse Go; Angeline Po, Product Marketing Head for the Globe Business MSME Group; Mariliese Julianne Enriquez, AVP of BPI’s Transaction Services Division; and Veronica Feleo, Business Development Manager of Rakuten Viber. 

De Luzuriaga started off highlighting how important it is to be digital.   

"It's crucial, now that we don't have a choice but to adapt technology, we need to be ready with our infrastructure and business operations. You can work and sell anywhere now.  It's good that Globe Business is taking on some of the solutions that are applicable for MSMEs. You need to partner with companies that give you a certain level of comfort,” he said, adding that going digital should not cost too much.  

Panelists shared that there are two common concerns of MSMEs to go digital: the cost of tech and exposure to cyberthreats. 

On the first point, Limon said that MSMEs wary of spending on technology may take advantage of free trials offered by start-ups to learn about cost-effective solutions. On cyberthreats, Po said that with scammers on the lookout for more creative ways to scam, businesses can protect themselves with the right security solutions and employee education.  

Finally, panelists also told businesses to stay grounded and always be on the lookout for new technologies that will address customers’ concerns. As De Luzuriaga said, “If you’re competing with someone with technology, you’re a loser by default.”  

Aside from the talks, Globe Business gave away P500,000 worth of prizes at the G Summit to enable customers to start and continue their digital transformation journey.  

The event was attended by 679 MSME leaders and customers via Zoom and on-ground.  G Summit is part of UPSTART, a loyalty program and community where Globe Business rewards and recognizes digital leaders who rise to the challenge of the times and break their boundaries.

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