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Get Inspired by Three Brave Creators on Reframed Docu-Series | Newsroom | Globe

Get Inspired by Three Brave Creators on the Reframed Docu-Series

Explore the creative process of Kim Jones, Ryan Villamael, and Mikhail Red on the “Reframed” mini docu-series from Globe Postpaid and Huawei P30 series

See the world through the eyes of three brave, creative individuals as they masterfully craft their stories and express how they look at life.

Globe Postpaid captures these forms of self-expression placed front and center in Reframed, a digital documentary series that will show how these unique individuals fearlessly undergo a creative process to create something that is truly magical. All these captured using the power of Huawei P30 - today’s most ambitious and utterly prodigious smartphone yet that is most certainly unlike any other phone in the market today.

Reframed features Kim Jones-Rosales, Ryan Villamael, and Mikhail Red - all exceptional individuals who have decided to create their own platforms of expression for themselves and for others as well. Witness how these tech-savvy mavericks captured their take on life’s most unique and interesting perspectives and bring it to its full realization.

Kim Jones-Rosales, a digital creative and fashion influencer on social media and the better half of popular actor Jericho Rosales, founded “The Fore”, a digitally native platform devoted to heralding independent talent through a series of design collaborations. She perfectly redefines the conventional notions of the digital retail space by championing slow, intentional, conscious consumption through collaborations between creators.

Ryan Villamael, on the other hand, created a brave choice of medium through eloquent paper structures and installations that range from the whimsical to the haunting. His art form serves as an homage to the city, and an effort to elevate and celebrate it.

Finally, Mikhail Red’s DNA oozes with creativity, cinematic creativity, that is, since he is the offspring of legendary and illustrious filmmaker Raymond Red. Known for his brave take on cinema, Mikhail perfectly masterminded the genius behind Birdshot, the first Filipino movie masterpiece to be released worldwide on global streaming service Netflix, thus making Red the face of today’s new breed of filmmakers.

Catch Reframed and all its meaningful details from Globe Postpaid shot with the Huawei P30 series, when it airs on the Globe Telecom Facebook and YouTube pages starting April 13, 2019.

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