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Globe At Home Basic WiFi Tips: The Difference Between WiFi and Internet Explained

Studies have revealed that the Philippines spends the most time online, averaging 8 hours and 59 minutes each day. But while Internet usage in the country is continuously growing, many are still confused about the difference between Wi-Fi and the Internet.

Wi-Fi connects devices to a local area network (LAN) without having to use physical cables. In the past, devices were linked via actual network cables, which can be inconvenient and cumbersome to set up and maintain. Simply put, a Wi-Fi network is a wireless local network, connected by a device called a router that users can get from a trusted broadband provider.

On the other hand, the Internet is a vast network that connects computers from around the world through many routers. Devices connected to the LAN are then connected to the wide area network (WAN) or the Internet, where users can browse on social media, search on the Internet, watch videos, and play games.

Understanding the differences between the two technologies can help you learn ways on how to optimize your home internet connection with a few simple fixes, and easily spot and troubleshoot your issues. For example, certain internet issues may simply be due to poor propagation of Wi-Fi signal due to obstructions. It could also be due to numerous users connecting to the Wi-Fi network all at the same time, who are all performing bandwidth intensive activities like streaming, since your router allocates your total subscribed bandwidth across all connected users accordingly. Your Wi-Fi speed also changes depending on how far you are from your router.

Simply put, think of the internet as your water source at home, and your home piping and faucets as your Wi-Fi network. The Wi-Fi network only acts as a vehicle to deliver your connection to the internet, in the same manner as how you use and access your water at home through your faucets.

Globe At Home believes that Filipinos deserve first world internet, and is committed to bring leading edge network technology to 2 million homes by 2020. It offers fast and reliable connections through its bundled promos, beginning with the Globe at Home Plan 1299, which has speeds of up to 10 Mbps and 10 GB worth of data allocation per month. You can also go all out with the new Go Unli plans starting at Plan 1699 for 5 Mbps. New customers can also enjoy six months of free access to Netflix, HOOQ, and the Disney Channel Apps.

Customers can also make the most out of their Wi-Fi connection through the Globe Tech Squad, our special tech customer service team that will provide end-to-end support for Wi-Fi connectivity and home-related needs for a one-time fee of P1,200. The Globe Tech Squad is equipped to diagnose the different spaces of your home to identify potential signal interferences, improve the Wi-Fi signal by recommending the best router placement to increase signal strength & coverage, and resolve connectivity issues with the necessary Wi-Fi mesh extenders and configuration. Find out more about the Globe Tech Squad at

To ensure that users can enjoy the best connection possible, it is advisable to get a good Internet plan that can provide its needs. Learn more about Globe at Home from

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