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Globe At Home Shares Commitment to Connecting Filipino Homes | Newsroom | Globe

Globe At Home Shares Commitment to Connecting Filipino Homes at APOStech Conference

PHOTO CAPTION: SVP for Globe Broadband Business Martha Sazon gives keynote address at APOStech.

Globe At Home is committed to connecting Filipino homes through high-speed internet, and it shared its vision at APOStech, where SVP for Globe Broadband Business Martha Sazon was the first female senior leader to give a keynote address in the conference.

Sazon highlighted Globe Telecom’s broadband brand Globe At Home and how the relevance and necessity of connectivity keeps on growing, especially in the space of video-on-demand.

APOStech brings together major players in product, commerce, data and analytics, advertising, and payment in Hong Kong to improve content and delivery at media, telecoms, and technology companies. Now on its second year, the event hopes to encourage companies to drive engagement with the connected consumer through innovative executions.

In the Philippines, Sazon acknowledged the broadband situation, where an underserved market grapples with slow internet speed of up to 4.2 Mbps and where service providers have to find ways to reach customers across 7,107 islands. Providers must also deal with issues like the lack of a national broadband network, bureaucracy in permitting, and a free TV market.

It’s a challenge that Globe At Home faced head on by disrupting the customer experience through its products and services, beginning with the successful deployment of its leading-edge network technology. The Akamai State of the Internet Connectivity Report revealed that the the first quarter of 2017 showed that the Philippines experienced significant improvements in broadband speed and adoption. The country’s average fixed broadband speed increased by 5 Mbps or 57% year on year, while the country registered the strongest growth in terms of adoption in Asia Pacific with a 111% growth year on year.

“For us in Globe, at the heart of this is a vision: a Philippines where families’ dreams come true, businesses flourish, and the nation is admired. Internet really is the great equalizer. It opens possibilities for a better way of living. To many, the most obvious expression of this is entertainment, and it helps families cope, get by, and have fun,” Sazon told the audience.

Through this vision, Globe At Home pursues its proposition of providing affordable world-class entertainment by offering customizable plans that customers can choose from, depending on their lifestyle.

Globe also aims to change the way families watch, listen, play, share, and learn through its bundled content, which customers can tailor based on their interests. They can choose high-speed, exclusive content, and innovative devices that would power up their home, complemented by free trials, education, and unbridled use.

Those who like to watch movies and TV shows can watch content from Netflix, HOOQ, YouTube, NBA, Tribe, Disney Channel, and Cartoon Network. Those who like to listen to music can play their favorite tracks on Spotify, or belt them out on Sing! Karaoke by Smule or Those who like to play games can avail of Garena, Woot, or Disney Interactive.

Sazon asserted the importance of insight, and micro and customized marketing to get to know its customers better, serve them based on their changing needs and reflect all these in the way Globe At Home goes to market. As a result, we do strategic on-ground placements, digital ads, educational videos, and experiential activities like viewing parties, where guests can witness firsthand how fast and reliable internet connection can turn any night into a wonderful movie night.

With all these innovations in place, the vision of Globe At Home to connect two million homes by 2020 through high-speed internet and provide affordable world-class entertainment is well on its way to becoming a reality.

For more information on the new Globe At Home plans, visit the website at, call the Globe hotline at 730-1010, or visit any Globe Store.

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