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Globe Public Advisory on Cybersecurity - Globe Newsroom

Globe Public Advisory on Cybersecurity

Globe would like to remind the public to be aware of phishing emails and malicious campaigns, taking advantage of the COVID-19 situation to steal money and personal or corporate information, as well as infect computers.

Here are some cybersecurity measures to protect yourself from these scams:

• DO NOT open malicious email attachments or click on dubious links in messages. Check links by hovering on them before you click to determine where the actual URL leads to.

• Read emails and texts carefully and be on the lookout for red flags such as generic greetings, spelling, and grammatical errors.

• Be wary of any form of communication that asks for your personal information, account credentials, or PINs, most especially those that try to convey urgency to make you act on impulse to enter your personal information.

• Be sure to get news/information from trusted and official social media news sites only.


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