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Globe Underlines Importance of Customer-Centricity - Globe Newsroom

Globe Underlines Importance of Customer-Centricity at the Youth Creativity Festival 2021

For students entering the workforce, Globe reminds the youth that putting customers’ best interests and needs are of utmost importance. 

Globe Vice-President for Consumer Mobile Business, KD Dizon, discussed the virtues of being customer-centric as she underscored Globe’s commitment to help empower the youth so they can thrive in the new normal, in her keynote speech at the recent PANAF (Philippine Association of National Advertisers Foundation) Youth Creativity Festival 2021.

“Every single part of what we bring to the market must have the customer in mind,” she said. “What we must be excited about is the customer, about solving their problems, about enhancing their lives, about empowering them to create the lives that they want. That is not just in what we communicate to them, but it’s the whole ecosystem behind what we are bringing to our customers.”


Dizon noted that the mindset shift to put the customer first was pivotal in Globe’s journey at a time when the battle of the brands was very fierce.

“We started to purposely build products and services to address customer pain points and look into motivations and the insights behind the customer,” she added. Thus, she encouraged the youth to always have the customer front and center, especially when it comes to building brands.

“Customers are all ever-evolving, so much more now, driven by the unfortunate pandemic that we’re in. What worked in the recent past would no longer work now, but apart from being a huge challenge, it is an even bigger opportunity,” Dizon shared.

The PANAF Youth Creative Festival 2021 was a gathering of industry experts and leading practitioners to help the youth, fresh graduates and those new into the workforce, with insights on how they can future proof themselves. 

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