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In-Game Top Ups for Gamers Made More Convenient and Accessible through Globe Partnerships - Globe Newsroom

In-Game Top Ups for Gamers Made More Convenient and Accessible through Globe Partnerships


Part of the fun in gaming is purchasing in-game items to enhance your experience. Globe now offers an alternative payment method that is both more convenient and safe to purchase in-game items for an elevated gaming experience.

“We want to give gamers an accessible and convenient platform for new experiences and uninterrupted gameplay, and our partnership with platforms like Google Play and Gamer PH, with which players are already familiar, makes this possible,” says Ralph Aligada, Globe’s Head of Games and Esports.

Globe partnerships include a collaboration with Codashop, UniPin, and Razer—trusted payment websites for gaming—which make seamless in-game transactions possible without the need for cards. With these channels, players can transact using their prepaid load for in-game purchases such as MLBB Diamonds in Mobile Legends Bang Bang or new skins in Valorant. For all the Huawei users out there, the telco giant also partnered with Huawei App Gallery to bring this experience to the thousands of games in their portfolio. Users can go on a shopping spree in their favourite games with this new top-up method.

Watch out for more exciting promos in the pipeline from Globe partners which will give gamers access to more in-game top ups:

Globe Game Summer Fest
Globe Game Summer Fest is back with bigger prizes to give gamers the tools they’ll need to upgrade and level up their gaming. Watch out for exciting promos coming your way!

In need of new cosmetics or Radianite points in Valorant or looking to get new characters and weapons in Genshin Impact? Codashop has you covered with the best prices to acquire your Valorant points to get that new skin for your weapon collection that will level up your next mission. It’s also the go-to place to get Genesis Crystals and unlock your next favourite weapons and character on your journey through Teyvat.

Huawei App Gallery
What’s in the pipeline at the Huawei App Gallery? Exciting promos for your next gaming purchase via exclusive coupons for in-app purchases. There are hundreds of games to choose from that suit every gaming passion without breaking the bank.
Gamers unite for the best deals yet available for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang diamonds on Gear up for your next diamond haul and purchase to your heart's content.

Globe subscribers can now purchase in-game credits with their prepaid load. All they have to do is visit the UniPin website and top up their favourite games like Mobile Legends, PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, and more!

With the world’s leading brand for gaming lifestyle in Globe’s corner, anything is possible. Razer has an impressive portfolio of 30,000+ games to satisfy gamers of all levels of experience, status, and rank. Stay tuned to double down on the steaming hot promos coming your way.

Google Play
For Android users out there, the Google Play Store is making it more convenient to top up in any of your favourite games. To pay using your Globe Prepaid load, head on over to Google Play’s settings, click “Add Payment Method” and enable Carrier Billing. Now you’re all set for your next battle.

With all the gaming conveniences made possible by Globe, go ahead and purchase that new skin, and get all the ML diamonds you need or want. It's always a game well-played with Globe.

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