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OFWs now able to provide medicines to their families through Globe and RiteMed partnership

PHOTO CAPTION: Globe Telecom’s Senior Vice President for International Business Nikko Acosta (right) with RiteMED General Manager Vincent Patrick Guerrero (left) forming an alliance in creating an avenue for OFWs to give easier access to medical supplies with RiteMED products.

Manila, Philippines - Globe Telecom’s International Business Group recently partnered with RiteMed Philippines, Inc. (RiteMED) to offer a service that allows overseas Filipinos to purchase RiteMED medicines while abroad and be able to deliver to their dependents in the Philippines.

“This is just one of our initiatives to show our customers that we are expanding beyond communications and on to relevant life services to empower and improve the lives of Overseas Filipinos”, says Senior Vice President for International Business Group Nikko Acosta.

“RiteMED recognizes the dedication and sacrifices of our fellow Filipinos working abroad to serve their families here in our country.  Our partnership with Globe will enable us to assist our kababayans to ensure that their families are well taken care of by providing safe and reliable access to affordable and high quality medicines,” adds Vincent Patrick Guerrero, General Manager of RiteMED.

Together with Globe International Business Group, RiteMED has created an avenue for Globe customers to have an easier access to the most trusted branded generic line of medicines for their families back home.

With this partnership, customers can easily call or approach a distributor’s agent. They will then select medicines from a catalog, fill out a physical order form, and then pay in cash. Afterwards, Globe Distributors send the order details through an interim Order Management System (OMS). Once partner retailers receive the orders, they will call the recipients in the Philippines for validation, deliver the medicines, and then update the OMS. Upon delivery, customers will be advised by the distributor’s agent.

Globe is also gearing up for the launch of an online solution for this type of service. Soon, customers will be able to purchase RiteMED medicines directly using the online solution where they can pay using cash via agent or credit card. Partner retailers will call the recipients, deliver the medicines, and update the online solution once orders have been received. Customers will also be informed via SMS or e-mail upon delivery.

Aside from medical supplies, Globe provides international hotline support to overseas customers to ensure proper customer service is in place regardless of location. Customers can call Globe’s international hotline at 58036610 anytime to check on their order’s status.

“Through this first of its kind partnership, Globe customers can now enjoy the best operational assistance to deliver the brand’s connectivity services namely, the embedded SIM cards for laptops and tablets that work like data roaming through a Globe network,” stressed Nikko Acosta.

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