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On-Demand Entertainment and Up-to-Date Devices Now Available with Globe Broadband | Newsroom | Globe

On-Demand Entertainment and Up-to-date Devices now available with Globe Broadband

Not too long ago, everyone’s concept of entertainment was cast in black and white. We used to wait for our favorite shows to air on TV, anticipate current hits on the radio, or even patiently queue for tickets to blockbuster movies. With the rising trend of on-demand entertainment sweeping this generation, the power to choose the most enjoyable content relevant to us, when we want it, is finally within our grasp.

With Globe Broadband’s revolutionary plans, access to your favorite TV shows, movies, music, and games make the future of entertainment an omnipresent possibility. With the creation of strong, steadfast connections made available by Globe Broadband, making one’s home the ultimate hub for groundbreaking entertainment now becomes possible.

With speeds of up to 10 Mbps for the affordable price of only P1,299 per month, Globe Broadband’s latest plans not only incorporate fully-upgraded speeds and data allocation to your home connection, it also comes bundled with the most cutting-edge devices for a full on-demand entertainment experience.

“These new plans give you and your family the ideal entertainment experience at home. This is our way to elevate the Filipinos’ digital lifestyle,” promises Globe Senior VP for Broadband Martha Sazon.

With Globe Broadband’s exciting new bundles, customers can opt to personalize their broadband plans by choosing devices and applications to match their personal tastes and preferences.

Through the timely venture with the world’s leading subscription TV service, Netflix, as well as long-time partnerships with HOOQ, Disney, and NBA, Globe Broadband subscribers can now choose to enjoy premium content with the latest devices such as a 40” TCL Android TV, 50” Samsung Smart TV, Google Chromecast, or Apple TV; For resident music heads, Globe Telecom-powered partnerships with Spotify and Sing! By Smule can now enjoy blaring their favorite tunes and hits on high-fidelity Bose Bluetooth speakers or Beats headphones; And for the most consummate gamers, Globe Broadband’s alliance with global gaming powerhouses such as Sony’s PSN, and the largest domain of internet-powered games, Steam, make the most revolutionary gaming programs now within reach.


Sample Globe broadband plan combinations that customers can create so they can choose the content and devices suited to their lifestyle.

Availing these latest devices has also never been this easy! You can pay 50% of the device outright with the balance charged to your bill or through an amortized payment for 24 months using your credit card.  As an added treat for loyal Globe mobile or broadband subscribers, you can also charge the cost of the device against your postpaid bill for 24 months.

“We at Globe want to make our customers feel like we have a lifetime lifestyle partnership with them. That’s why we create these content-heavy bundled plans to fit your family needs,” adds Sazon. The new Globe Broadband Plans usher in a new era where the power to select and enjoy relevant entertainment content and experiences are now within every family’s reach, ensuring that modern Filipino homes will never be lackluster again.

For more information on the new Globe Broadband plans, visit our website at, call the Globe hotline at 730-1010, or visit any Globe Store.

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