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During Pandemic, Care for Customers Prevails on Digital - Globe Newsroom

During Pandemic, Care for Customers Prevails on Digital

At this time of pandemic, the internet has become the lifeline of many Filipino families, with their livelihood and the children's education being dependent on connectivity at home. Globe understands that customers need assurance that they will get the support they need, at any time of the day, without compromising their safety. With many areas struggling under different forms of community quarantine, Globe has innovated its way of caring for customers using digital platforms.

"Our availability to support our customers in our traditional channels has been increasingly limited over the past months. This has compelled us to think of better ways to be available for them 24/7 while keeping them, as well as our frontliners, safe.” said Rebecca Eclipse, Globe Chief Customer Experience Officer, “To do this, we accelerated our initiatives to deliver better experiences through our apps and online. In a time where our level of care might seem limited, we empowered our customers with a safe and secure means for self care.”

Empowering our Customers

Even prior to the pandemic, Globe has launched its self-service platforms like GlobeOne app for mobile and Globe At Home App for broadband to enable customers to do account inquiries and other simple transactions without having to call the hotline or ask for assistance.

Globe Postpaid and Prepaid mobile customers can use the GlobeOne app to fulfill their most frequent inquiries.  The app allows customers to track real-time data usage, subscribe to the latest promos and content offers, pay and manage bills, buy regular load and reload retailer wallet, check and avail roaming promos, and get help with account and service-related concerns.

Broadband postpaid and prepaid customers, on the other hand, may do troubleshooting on their own through the help of the Globe At Home app or even request for repair using the app. They can also upgrade their plan, request for line transfer, buy home boost, buy more promos, pay their bills, among other things. Customers may also use FB messenger to report their issues.

Both apps can be downloaded via Google Play for Android and App Store for iOS.

Caring at scale goes both ways

With the challenges during the quarantine, the unprecedented increase in the volume of support needed by customers has not been matched by the capacity of frontliners across servicing channels. Transportation limitations, cuts in manpower allowed in every site in compliance with health protocols, and suspension of operations due to infections have impacted the ability to respond to customers. Any customer calling the hotline would, therefore, need to wait longer before reaching an agent. With the volume of transactions that can be addressed through digital channels, Globe is able to address both the lack of capacity and the rise in volume of transactions.

"Every moment with a customer is important to us. By empowering our customers to do more on their own, this will allow us to allocate the limited manpower support to customers who are faced with more complex concerns and also attend to customers such as our senior citizens who may require more assistance,” Eclipse explained.

“In this new normal, our digital channels will also help support our frontliners in addressing the basic needs of our customers.  Our BPO agents can then focus on fulfilling the more complex transactions and work on our service recovery efforts and proactive care. Our customers need frictionless experience when they reach out to us with their concerns.  We remain committed to preventing and solving their problems as best as we can,” added Eclipse.

To know more about the apps, Globe customers may visit GlobeOne and/or Globe At Home.

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