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Globe Platinum Customers Send Tokens of Gratitude to Frontliners - Globe Newsroom

Globe Platinum Customers Send Tokens of Gratitude to Frontliners through their Digital Assistant, Thea

As many slowly shift back to their normal routines, Globe Platinum has made it easier for customers to show their gratitude for the country’s frontliners who continue to lead the battle against the pandemic. 

From June 15 to September 15, Platinum customers can chat with Thea, their Digital Assistant on the Facebook Messenger app, and select the beneficiary they want to delight and the tokens they want to send. On top of that, they can personalize their tokens of gratitude by having their names written on the tags provided.

The first batch of beneficiaries will include our brave COVID-19 medical staff from The Veterans Memorial Medical Center (VMMC), and The Philippine Children's Medical Center (PCMC), as well as our tireless PNP officers at select Metro Manila checkpoints. As for the tokens of gratitude, Platinum customers can send our heroes sweet treats, such as a box of cookies from The Cookie Bar Manila, cups of milk tea from CoCo, a box of doughnuts from JCo, or a pack of pretzels from Auntie Anne’s.

For those who decide to show their gratitude through Thea, the first token will be compliments of Globe Platinum. Should they wish to send more for their chosen beneficiary, Thea is ready to assist and they can complete the purchase through GCash or bank transfer.

One thoughtful act, no matter how small or big, can go a long way. Globe Platinum supports its subscribers in leading extraordinary lives by touching other people along the way. 

To know more about Globe Platinum this program, you may visit Thank A Hero page. Platinum customers can start chatting with Thea, their Digital Assistant.

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