The Pokémon Company and Niantic, Inc. Announce Pokémon GO Partnership With Globe Telecom

The Pokémon Company, creators of one of the most popular entertainment properties in the world, Niantic, Inc., innovative developer and publisher of ‘real world games’, and Globe Telecom, the Philippines leading mobile brand, have officially announced a new partnership today. The three companies will work together to bring Filipinos a richer and more enjoyable mobile entertainment experience centered around Pokémon GO, including activating Globe retail locations and charging stations as PokéStops and Gyms within the game and allowing Filipinos to catch, battle, and train at any of Globe’s outlets throughout the country. Globe will kick off the Pokémon GO partnership during the first Philippine Pokémon Fest on October 28 and 29.

“Pokémon GO is a huge hit with Trainers here in Philippines and we're excited to give them greater access to PokéStops and Gyms through our work with Globe.” said John Hanke, Chief Executive Officer and founder of Niantic. “Combining our resources with Globe will be a huge win for all Pokémon fans.”

“We are excited to work with one of the most innovative companies in the Philippines. We hope this partnership will bring joy and more opportunities for kids to be in touch with Pokémon more often” says Susumu Fukunaga, Corporate Officer of The Pokémon Company.

“These are exciting times for all Pokémon fans in the country. This partnership with The Pokémon Company and Niantic, opens up a lot of new opportunities at Globe to provide our customers with new ways to enjoy content on their mobile devices. Not only will we be able to provide access to the app, but everyone can look forward to more surprises in the coming months,” says Globe’s Chief Commercial Officer, Dan Horan.

Just in time for Halloween, the event will bring Pokémon to life through appearances, screenings, and many other activities. A free event opens to Pokémon fans and game enthusiasts alike, the Philippine Pokémon Fest, which will feature walks and tours, costume contests, and Pokémon GO battles throughout the weekend.

To receive updates on the Pokémon Fest, just follow the Globe official Facebook page at or @EnjoyGlobe on Twitter and Instagram.

About The Pokémon Company

The Pokémon Company (President and Chief Executive Officer, Tsunekazu Ishihara) was established in 1998. Headquartered in Tokyo, The Pokémon Company’s operations span four key areas: video game production and development, trading card game business planning and promotion, licensing and quality control, and management of all official outlets selling Pokémon-related merchandise in locations throughout Japan. Upholding the brand through strict product evaluation and support for licensees, it ensures that the role-playing world of Pokémon remains a fresh, fun, and exciting connective medium for players around the globe who enjoy collecting and exchanging the unique characters, which have grown in number to more than 700 since the release of the first video game in 1996.

About Niantic, Inc.

Niantic, Inc. builds mobile real-world experiences that foster fun, exploration, discovery, and social interaction. Originally incubated within Google, Niantic, Inc., spun out in 2015, with investments from Google, The Pokémon Company, and Nintendo. The company’s immersive real-world mobile game Ingress has been downloaded more than 15 million times and is played in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. Niantic, Inc., also developed and published Pokémon GO, the real-world Pokémon game for iOS and Android mobile devices that was downloaded more than 500 million times in its first two months. For more information on Niantic, please visit

About Globe Telecom

Globe Telecom is a leading full service telecommunications company in the Philippines, serving the needs of consumers and businesses across an entire suite of products and services including mobile, fixed, broadband, data connections, internet, and managed services. Its principals are Ayala Corporation and Singtel who are acknowledged industry leaders in the country and in the region. For more information, visit Follow Globe Telecom on Facebook at as well as @EnjoyGlobe on Twitter and Instagram.

About Click Licensing Asia Inc.

CLICK! Licensing Asia Inc., (Chief Executive Officer, Marilu Magsaysay Corpus) which was established 18 years ago and is headquartered in Manila, Philippines, is an appointed master licensee of Pokémon on Syndication, Licensing, and Merchandising. CLICK! represents world-class properties including pre-school, entertainment, gaming, fashion, and lifestyle brands. It has established its prominence in the Asian market through its in-depth knowledge of the licensing business and Asian culture. CLICK! values partnerships with their licensees, retailers, and Licensors and recognizes them as an integral component in reaching out to the market.

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