Globe Shares Valuable Consumer Insights on Philippine Education Landscape with DepEd

In a unique move, leading digital solutions platform Globe has extended its consumer research findings on the Philippine education landscape to the Department of Education (DepEd) to contribute to the national education agenda.

Initially conducted to help Globe understand its customers better, the research uncovered valuable insights into the state of education post-pandemic.  It revealed its long-term impact on the workforce and the country's overall economic outlook.

Students, teachers, parents, school administrators, employers, and government agencies participated in the customer behavior survey. Results revealed three emerging themes: "Why we learn," which focuses on aspirations and learning mindsets; "What we learn," which examines skills and curriculum; and "How we learn," which looks at the tools, methods, and metrics used to gauge student performance.

One of the key highlights of the research was the potential for students and parents to fast-track learning through the use of technology. Ensuring that teachers are equipped with the latest tools and mechanisms to prepare students for the workforce can help reduce redundancy among employers.

In addition, an open approach to teaching, which allows for creativity and flexibility, can better prepare students for the future.

"At Globe, we recognize the crucial role that education plays in shaping the future of our country and its people. We are committed to using our resources and expertise to support government programs and initiatives that aim to improve the state of education in the Philippines. Sharing this research is just one way we can contribute to this important national agenda,” said Globe Group Chief Sustainability and Corporate Communications Officer Yoly Crisanto.

Globe is a long-time advocate of learning and believes that collaboration among different sectors is key to driving progress in this area. This is part of its commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, particularly UN SDG No. 4 on quality education.

Other than supporting educational institutions, Globe helps bridge the gap between job seekers and the global demand for tech talent through KodeGo, an education technology company of its corporate venture builder 917Ventures. KodeGo gives high school graduates and career shifters tech opportunities through a study now, pay later online tech boot camp.

Globe’s research and deep partnership with DepEd are valuable contributions to these efforts and will help to ensure that the Philippines is well-positioned to take advantage of the latest developments in education technology.

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