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5G Networks, Phones Not Harmful, Will Not Fry Your Brain

When misinformation on a new technology is debunked by authorities and experts, doomsayers will always find a way to continue to discredit it to a point that logic seems to be overtaken by the need to create confusion or misconceptions.

The introduction of any new technology, along with devices capable of this technology, are now even discredited through propagation of false information and lies.

Take the case of 5G technology and 5G capable mobile devices.

Back in 2000, Bill P. Curry submitted a report to the superintendent of the Broward County Public Schools in Florida, claiming that exposure to wireless frequencies associated with computer networking is dangerous to the health of students. His graph showed an extremely steep increase in microwave absorption by the brain at higher wireless frequencies. This report was used as the basis for fallacies surrounding 5G, that this same wireless frequency posed health risks.  

Curry became the resource person for radio frequency (RF) cancer claims which were proven false.  Curry’s findings and chart laid the foundation for several sectors claiming that 5G technology, including 5G capable mobile devices, cause cancer and other health problems.  

Some of the false information and lies being propagated against 5G networks and 5G capable phones are that they can cause brain damage, cancer, heart tumors, autism and even infertility - claims that until now are not backed by existing medical or scientific evidence or facts.  Some other myths are on interference in existing technology, or general use of the technology or devices. 

One myth in particular that emerged from Curry’s erroneous report is that 5G frequencies are going to “microwave” and fry out users’ brains.

Over the years, Curry’s claims were continually being debunked. Even his credentials were questioned since he didn’t have the background or training in biomedical research. Many scientists have debunked his report on the dangers of 5G citing that: 

1) Dr. Curry’s data looked at exposed tissues in a lab, not cells deep inside our body;

2) The report failed to take the “shielding effect” into account. The shielding effect refers to our skull/skin’s ability to block out higher radio frequencies and protect our insides.

Another absurd myth is that 5G frequencies are going to take weather predictions back to the 1980s, although there has been no scientific evidence that the new technology can affect weather-pattern data collection. 

The rapidly developing world that is pivoting to the new normal will need 5G technology. The United States, South Korea, China, Japan, the United Kingdom and Germany have launched their respective 5G technology with 65 more countries, including the Philippines, hoping to roll out the technology within 2020.

Avoid falling prey to misconceptions and misinformation on 5G technology or a 5G capable phone. Read and watch only from credible sources of information and updates.

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