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Asticom Among Asia-Pacific’s ‘Best Professional Employer Organizations’ - Globe Newsroom

Globe Unit Asticom Technology Among Asia-Pacific’s ‘Best Professional Employer Organizations’ in 2021

Asticom Technology, a subsidiary of Globe, was recognized as one of the Top 10 Best Professional Employer Organizations (PEO) in the Asia Pacific Region for 2021 by the prestigious Manage HR Network.

Asticom earned recognition after consistently delivering in-demand services not only in the Philippines but in the whole region as well through its various solutions such as Human Resources, administrative, customer experience, financial services with extensive IT support, sales and retail services, and engineering and logistics services.

"We are greatly proud that our initiatives and services are being recognized, internationally. I have always believed that our continued success comes from our greatest assets—our employees,” said Mharicar Castillo-Reyes, Asticom President and CEO.

The Manage HR Network recognizes the world’s best Human Resource (HR) professionals and organizations across various countries who drive and make places or companies the best organizations for professionals to work with.

With the pandemic impacting almost all economies in the world, Asticom was able to adjust to the new normal to successfully deliver a broad range of capable talents across multiple specializations to meet any requirements in a working environment. Moreover, Asticom’s attention to detail and tailor-fit services adhere to national and international standards, thus in the process, enable it to avoid any unnecessary regulatory complications in countries it serves.

Despite the recognition, Mharicar Castillo-Reyes assures Asticom will continue to contribute to the economic recovery of the Philippines by supporting businesses and providing opportunities for Filipinos through their diverse business portfolios.

Re-established five years ago with just a handful of employees, Asticom Technology has grown to at least more than 3,000 professional workforces that bring about at least Php 1.6 Billion in annual earnings.

About Asticom Technology:

Asticom Technology Inc is a Philippine-based shared service company under the Ayala conglomerate. As a partner, the company focuses on providing a superior customer experience through the consistent delivery of high-quality, responsive services. Its staffing services support people by providing them the right employment opportunities, and in turn, strengthening the productivity of our client companies. The staff is able to provide expert assistance to its partners in the form of the best talents and technologies the market currently has to offer. The company also identifies new and developing areas within a business to understand how they can improve processes, all the while evolving according to the changing needs of a client.

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