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Cooperation Needed to Ensure Ample fixed BB Infra in New Normal - Globe Newsroom

Cooperation Needed to Ensure Ample Fixed Broadband Infrastructure in New Normal

The implementation of quarantine protocols, travel restrictions, and physical distancing due to the COVID-19 pandemic has drastically altered how Filipinos live and stay connected.

In fact, the shift to the so-called “new normal” has never been more apparent as the pandemic made internet connectivity a basic essential in our daily lives, just like electricity and water.

Being connected in the digital context has become a must for Filipinos and for the country to survive this pandemic as work and commercial activities now largely depend on it. As such, there is a need to ensure that this basic commodity will be available to more and more Filipinos, now more than ever.

For this to happen, the government and the telco industry must work together to ensure that important broadband infrastructures are in place so that the connectivity much needed in homes, schools, businesses, and other establishments can be provided.

“This is where we need the help and support of the government, especially the local government units so that we can expand our capacity by building more cell sites and towers in the next few months in residential areas. We also need to upgrade our fiber connectivity to improve further our data speeds. This is the only way we can address the growing demand not only of our customers but the public in general,” said Gil Genio, Globe Chief Technology and Information Officer and Chief Strategy Officer.

The pandemic has shown that Filipinos need wireless broadband while they are on the move and fixed broadband while working or learning from home, especially when availing various digital online services such as Zoom, Google, Viber, Facebook, YouTube and many more. The availability of wireless broadband is made possible by cell sites and towers, while wired broadband availability is addressed by having fixed broadband infrastructure.

Nonetheless, for the longest time, the telco industry’s bid to expand and put up these needed broadband infrastructures has been stymied by various reasons, foremost of which are the permitting requirements imposed by LGUs as well as the opposition by hostile homeowners associations.

“The government and the telcos need to collaborate now, more than ever, to lay down and build the necessary infrastructures to deliver the needed connectivity as more Filipinos adapt to the new normal, which requires more e-services and e-governance. We need to connect as many Filipinos as possible and make their mobile experience more convenient and enjoyable,” added Genio.

Despite the ongoing quarantine protocols, Globe is set to push through with its network builds in the next three months.

Its network expansion plans in various provinces all over the Philippine will answer the growing demand for more connectivity. 

With the help of the government, the company can also bring the digital experience to more Filipinos especially in the far-flung areas of the country.

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