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Create Unique and Personalized Experiences on GCash via AdSpark - Globe Newsroom

Brands Can Now Create Unique and Personalized Experiences on GCash via AdSpark

The Filipino daily life continues to evolve, especially today when both consumers and businesses try to navigate the new normal. The pandemic has also sped up digitalization in the Philippines as many people turned to digital platforms for e-commerce, fund transfers and other forms of cashless transactions. This is evident by the 26M active customers on GCash, the country’s leading finance app.

To allow businesses to become part of the Filipino’s everyday transactions while at the same time, inform and update customers about their favorite brands, AdSpark leads digital transformation of marketing services by extending ad inventory on GCash. This will give businesses the opportunity to reach potential customers through highly-visible formats in the GCash app.


Through AdSpark’s media expertise, GCash will be able to assist not only merchants but also non-government organizations and other partners in connecting with its growing audience. 

“We are committed to assisting digital transformation of clients and partners especially at this time when enterprises are exploring more meaningful ways to interact with their consumers. GCash has empowered merchants through seamless transactions, and now we want to help brands create holistic experiences for their consumers”, said Onat Roldan, AdSpark CEO.


AdSpark offers diversified ad opportunities ranging from targeted media channels in-app, to direct broadcast campaigns and blasts for a more targeted approach.

The purpose is to bring enterprises to the forefront of digital marketing through innovative adtech solutions, unique telco capabilities and intelligence, and passion for humanizing consumer data, AdSpark is equipped to manage marketing communication requirements from insight to ideation to activation, leading business transformations through future-proof consumer experiences with human behavior at its core.


“Through strong brand partnerships as a payment channel, and a tool for sustainability and impactful advocacy on the app, GCash has established a way of life, driving the market closer towards financial inclusion.  We believe that by making our platform accessible to brands, we will be able to bring businesses and customers together and help in the recovery of our economy,” said Martha Sazon, President and CEO of GCash.

AdSpark cited Codashop App, a gaming merchant, which was able to increase its monthly game item purchases to 181% by partnering with GCash. Coda communicated several monthly promo and game launches including Mobile Legends, MU Origins and their latest product One Punch Man: The Strongest game. This is to encourage redemption of game credits and in-game items through GCash usage. 

GCash and AdSpark, Inc. are part of the portfolio companies of 917Ventures, the largest corporate incubator in the Philippines wholly-owned by Globe Telecom Inc.

Learn more about what AdSpark and GCash can offer by sending an email to [email protected]

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