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Public Advisory for Enterprise Customers

Over the weekend, there were reports that over two hundred thousand computer systems in 150 countries have been affected by the “WannaCry” ransomware cyber-attack. The malicious software reportedly hit a few global telecommunications providers as well.


We wish to assure our customers that Globe Telecom is currently not affected by the cyber-attack. Our Security Operations Center has so far been successful in averting over 900 malware attempts. Globe has invested in top of the line information security to protect valuable customer data and information technology systems against malware, believing that in the Digital Age, information security has never been more vital and relevant.


To help prevent threats from affecting your enterprise information systems, here are some important reminders for your IT teams and employees:

  1. Do not open any files from unknown or untrusted sources. Even if they are from trusted sources, do not open any documents you may not be expecting to receive. Avoid running Microsoft Office macros of any kind.

  2. Be vigilant with phishing or scam emails redirecting you to links or have attachments.

  3. Be aware of fraudulent email messages that use names similar to popular services such as PayePal instead of PayPal or use popular service names without commas or excessive characters.

  4. Be wary of visiting unsafe and unreliable sites. Never click on a link that you do not trust on a web page or access to Facebook or messaging applications.

  5. Have an Antivirus installed and updated regularly? Make sure your Windows Firewall or similar is turned on and in blocking mode. Make sure your computers are up-to-date with the latest Microsoft patches.

  6. Use secure backup repositories for your important files at all times.

  7. Be constantly informed about security patches by various network and IT application vendors, and that they are applied ASAP.


Our Secure Email Gateway (SEG) and Secure Web Gateway (SWG) can detect and block malicious email and network traffic that are used in these attacks. Learn more about Managed Security Solutions from Globe Business, or contact your Globe Business Account Manager to know more.


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