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4 Arrested in Cebu for Subscription Fraud | Newsroom | Globe

Four Arrested in Cebu for Subscription Fraud as Globe Steps Up Campaign vs. Scams

Four fraudsters in Cebu City were recently arrested by a joint police and Globe Telecom security team after they submitted fake documents in applying for postpaid accounts that included provision for high-end smartphones.

Arrested were Girly Belleza, Allen Marie Almario, Gerald Anthony Lizares and Wildredo Arabis, all employees of Kia Motors SM Cebu City.

Based on investigation, the four individuals all submitted fake documents, using fictitious names, in acquiring postpaid subscription with high end phones. This prompted a joint police and Globe security team to set an entrapment operation against them.

A police report revealed that Belleza, a sales agent of Kia, managed to get high-end units namely 2 units of iPhone 6+ and iPhone 5 while Almario, a cashier of Kia, managed to also get an iPhone 6, an iPhone 6+ and a Galaxy Core Prime. On the other hand, Lizares, also a sales agent of Kia, got 2 units of iPhone 6+ while Arabis, an administrative employee of Kia, go a Lenovo handphone and 2 units of iPhone6.

The four arrested employees of Kia were detained by police authorities and appropriate criminal charges will be filed against them.  

Globe Telecom said it will continue to work closely with police authorities in pursuing fraudsters.  The company is deeply committed in prosecuting illegal activities involving our products and services.

The company’s campaign against fraudster complements an online advocacy of the telecommunications provider for its customers to step up their online vigilance so they can better protect themselves from becoming victims of online hacks, identify theft and other cybercrimes.

As the leading provider of digital services on mobile devices, Globe took the task of educating and protecting its customers from online security threats through its Protech101 campaign. The campaign tackles the issues of weak passwords, the dangers of the auto fill feature, online sharing of information and awareness on new software and other factors that make an account unstable and vulnerable to danger.

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