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Globe Beefs Up Tower Builds, Product Offers and Partnerships To Keep Customers Happy - Globe Newsroom

Globe Beefs Up Tower Builds, Product Offers and Partnerships To Keep Customers Happy

As the country reels from the effects of a global health crisis, major businesses and industries have now been pushed to go digital. In effect, never has the need for fast, reliable internet service been more felt. 

Globe chose to focus on what really matters most -  keeping its customers happy.  By continuously improving its end-to-end network experience on all fronts, giving customers more value for their money, and having partners that help the brand resonate more with its customers, among other things. 

“Without doubt, the internet landscape in the Philippines has been shaped mainly by the pandemic during the last year. We at Globe understand that our customers need our support.  And providing support comes in many ways.  Through our investments in our network to improve our services, through our innovative product offers, and even through the partners we have selected that our customers can easily identify with,” said Issa Guevarra-Cabreira, Globe’s Deputy Chief Commercial Officer.

With Globe’s relentless efforts and substantial investments in its tower builds, the country is beginning to reap the benefits of the company’s sustained improvements.

"Our aggressive site builds and upgrades will spell the difference in network experience. Today, Globe has the widest coverage of 5G in the Philippines. Our nationwide 4G LTE upgrade across all our cell sites will make this more advanced technology more pervasive than ever. We are on track to make 4G LTE the new standard of mobile internet in the country,” Cabreira added.

More than the usual telco services, Globe is also ramping up new product and service offers that will support its customers during this time. HealthNow delivers a hassle-free experience by bringing patients and healthcare services in one easy-to-use app, providing convenient doctor consultations and an easy way to buy medicine online.

GInsure is a program that offers cash assistance and health insurance, including coverage for COVID-19 and Dengue. This is a truly relevant offer that customers get to appreciate and avail easily. Access to GInsure is through the GCash app.

Globe Rewards is another service that supports customers and extends their buying power even beyond telco services such as food, medicine, and retail products.  Customers are using their earned Rewards points to buy the products they really need at this time. 

Globe supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, specifically UN SDG No. 9 which emphasizes the roles of infrastructure and innovation as crucial drivers of economic growth and development. Globe is committed to upholding the 10 United Nations Global Compact principles and 10 UN SDGs.

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