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Globe, Cebu Provincial Govt to Build New Drug Rehabilitation Facility | Newsroom | Globe

Globe, Cebu Provincial Gov't to Build New Drug Rehabilitation Facility

To bring hope for victims of drug abuse

Supporting the national agenda to help victims of drug abuse and addiction, Globe Telecom partnered with the Cebu local government to construct a first-of-its-kind drug-rehabilitation center in Pinamungajan, Cebu. The facility will be fully funded by Globe Telecom and built on a property owned by the Cebu provincial government.

The rehab center will have a capacity for 106 beds, serving drug-related patients who need in-patient quality treatment and other health-related services. The facility is expected to provide service to patients from Cebu and nearby areas.

The Philippines under the administration of President Duterte has aggressively launched several campaigns to address drug-related problems. Many Filipinos who have fallen victim to illegal drug abuse may find a new beginning through the rehabilitation facility. 

“This undertaking is important to save the lives of many Filipinos, bring hope to families, and help create a better future for the victims.  It is our desire to bring a Globe of Good to those who have surrendered and want to change their lives through proper treatment, care and guidance,” said Atty. Froilan Castelo, Globe General Counsel.

Statistics for Cebu indicate about 50,000 drug offenders who have surrendered at the end of 2017. This represents 2% of the total provincial population of 2.94 million. Currently, there are two rehabilitation facilities in Cebu located in Argao and Mandaue City. An additional drug rehabilitation facility will definitely help address the need for treatment and care for victims. 

The Cebu provincial government through the leadership of Governor Hilario Davide III welcomes this collaboration with Globe, having recently approved the project.  The facility will be built from the ground up starting in the second quarter of the year, with a target completion within the fourth quarter this year. The facility is adjacent to Dr. Jose Ma.V. Borromeo Memorial District Hospital in Pinamungajan, Cebu with an estimated total floor area of 930 square meters and total site development of 2,600 square meters. 

Conforming to standards set by the Department of Health, the rehab center will have medical facilities such as a doctor’s office, nurse’s station, treatment and stabilization room, kitchen, dining room, clinic, and reception area. It will also feature a separate male and female ward. In addition, a psychiatric ward composed of 18 single rooms will also be created for extreme cases that need proper treatment before patients are transferred to their respective wards.

This will be the first provincial government-supervised facility in Cebu that is also adjacent to the district hospital for cases that need hospital treatment. The design of the rehabilitation center has open spaces and recreation room for indoor activities which help builds a strong support community. The overall atmosphere will not be that of a regular treatment center but will be very conducive to the patients' proper healing and rehabilitation. 

Globe will provide internet connectivity to the facility’s offices which will make it easier for doctors and medical staff to collaborate. Globe will be working closely with Virtualahan, a Davao-based social enterprise, and a Globe Future Maker to provide online training to upgrade skills, and empower PWDs for employment, to help enable drug rehab patients become productive members of society again after their treatment period. Through this public and private partnership and in line with 3 UN SDGs (3 Good Health & Wellbeing, 8 Decent Work & Economic Growth and 17 Partnerships for Growth) that Globe strongly supports,  the company contributes to effecting positive change in the country, fulfilling its mission of creating a wonderful world for people, businesses and the nation.

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